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Still cramps on day

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My friend has started the whole30 last week. She's on Day 10 now and has been complaining about feeling very weak and having cramps all day. Is there anything she might be doing wrong?

For breakfast she's having eggs, usually with bacon.

Between meals she has bananas, apples, carrots with guacamole, salmon, kiwi, plenty of water and tea

Lunch is always leftovers from the night before

At night she's been eating:

* wok with tomatoes, paprika, leek, chicken (baked in olive oil)

* salmon with cherry tomatoes

* steak with mashed carrot/parsnip/sweet potatoes

* wok with zucchini, paprika, carrot & chicken

* mussels &veggies

* ratatouille

* minced meat with mashed carrot/parsnip/sweet potatoes

Anyone any idea what might be going on?

Or tips for what to eat to feel less weak?

Thanks :)

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The foods your friend is eating sound good. Is your friend following the meal template in regards to portion sizes? http://whole9life.com/book/ISWF-Meal-Planning-Template.pdf Many people don't eat enough when they do a Whole30 because they remain under the influence of diet concepts that lead them to minimize how much they eat and avoid fat. And is she drinking plenty of water?

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It's so bizarre. She doesn't have to lose weight (it's purely about feeling better, more healthy) and she says she's eating much more than before, so I don't think not enough is the problem...

The water should be fine too.

Meanwhile she's into the program 2 weeks, and still experiencing cramps :(

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