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Hello. I'm Anna, and I'm severely unhealthy.

Hi Anna...

Because that's what it feels like: an addiction. A comforting crutch of an addiction, and a big scary hard thing to break it. I've given it half-hearted attempts before, and then gotten discouraged when my less-than-stellar efforts weren't giving me the results I wanted. I'm brand new to Paleo and this will be my first Whole30. Two of the things I'm most excited about as I jump into this new lifestyle are the focus on substance over numbers, and sustainability. No more lackluster tries. I'm really ready for a change this time.

Let's see. Introductions.

I'm 23, 5'6", ~205lb. A long list of health problems, as well as chronic pain.

I've been overweight my whole life, but generally stayed at least decently fit and athletic.

For the last three or so years I've devolved into an almost completely sedentary lifestyle, though.

If Whole30 can clear up even a little bit of the health issues I have, relieve even a little of my pain, it's worth it. Bonus points if it helps me drop to a healthier weight.

I'm pretty clueless about exercise, and would have to start very, very slowly. Have I mentioned how embarrassingly out of shape I am now? Crossfit/regular gym memberships are not currently an option. I have a couple Pilates DvDs and a workout DvD I'll attempt to stick with, but if anyone can suggest schedules, specific exercises, programs, etc. I would really love the advice.

Also, if anyone is interested in a "buddy system" that would be really helpful for me. I do a lot better when I have to be accountable to someone else--it's easier to justify little cheats here and there if no one's asking.

Living with three (male) roommates, none of whom would be interested in or supportive of my doing Whole30 if I talked to them about it, so I haven't, and I'm just relying on willpower and the strength of my desperation for a life change to keep me away from all the snacks and awful temptations they keep around.


Did my grocery shopping for the next week today, ISWF just shipped from Amazon, and my steaks are thawing in the fridge for breakfast and lunch.

Tomorrow morning, 7 March 2013, is the first day of the rest of my life.

...Wish me luck!

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From the safe confines of your w30 rules cocoon any food that is not compliant (i.e. the crap your roomies eat) can be categorically viewed and labeled as POISON for the next 30 days. You will be eating as much food as you like and zero poison. After your reintro phase you may choice to replace some of those "poison" labels with "food" labels. But that's a month away so you just don't even have to bother thinking about that again. Easy rule.

I also wouldn't worry about exercising right now while you're going to be in serious healing mode. Some days you will soar and some days you will struggle. Just rest and keep going. If you feel energized to move your body, by all means, do what you love. But if you don't just rest. It's not a race.

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Hi Anna welcome to the start of the rest of your life. 2 things that really helped my accountability when I started was signing up for the daily emails. Each night you have to press a 'button' saying yes I made it or no I didn't - that gets you your email the next day. I also found them incredibly motivating.

I also posted my food log each day in that section of this forum. That really helped keep me on track. No way was I going to have to say I ate x, y or z crap. Also don't be afraid to come here and ask any questions or just vent if you need to. You'll find a ton of support here. good luck

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Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone!

@Moluv: Great advice about the food/poison mentality. This morning I'm amped up and feeling great, and it's pretty easy to turn up my nose at all the junk. I know there will be days when that will be far from the case, though. Also good to know about the exercise, or lack there of. The phrase "it's not a race" actually does hit home for me: I'll have to fight that urge for a while.

@Krista: Thanks! There are so many awesome and inspiring stories here. I can't wait until one of them is mine.

@Kirsteen: Good ideas, thanks for the tips. I'm on my way to start a log when I finish typing up this post, and I'll look up getting the daily e-mails too. I like the yes/no button idea.

@Scout: Thanks mate. Will do.

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I'll respectively disagree with Moluv and say now is perfect time to start excercising. My feeling is: It Starts with Food and it Continues with Excercise.

You said you were athletic. Keep it simple. Throw on a pair of sneakers and go for a walk (I'm not a fan of excercsing in front of a TV. Get outside, see the sights, hear the sounds, enjoy and be one with nature) It doesn't have to be long. 1/2 a mile, 1 mile whatever. Repeat. Unless something hurts, then rest.

When it feels easy (1 week, 2 weeks 3 weeks, no rush), after a few minutes pick up the pace, for 15- 30 seconds (say from one telephone pole or mailbox to the next) walk twice as long as the "interval" then repeat. Simply raise your heartrate a little on the intervals. Don't increase the overall distance until this become easy. Build up to 30 minutes and go from there. You'll be jogging before you know it!

Consistency is the key. But I believe combining excercise with W30 will optimize your health.

btw, this comes from someone who sufferred chronic back pain (and even had corrective surgery). Pain begets pain; when I sat aorund (and thought about it) it hurt more, when I moved it hurt less. Many experience the same thing. Try it, you may surprise yourself.

You can do this! Good luck!

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For what its worth, Zumba and Jazzercise, while completely different from Crossfit and gym memberships, offer a fun dancing style workout. There are all shapes and sizes in the classes and, at least in Jazzercise, we are encouraged to work at our own pace - to challenge ourselves but to listen to our bodies.

I have been doing Jazzercise (I SO wish they'd change the name!) for 5+ years and it never gets old and I have made some great friends.

Just my 2 cents :).

I look forward to reading about your progress!

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