How's my meal plan for today?

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Here's my plan. I'm 4'10" and 133 lbs. (Yes, I've got some to lose).

Meal 1:

2 eggs scrambled with 1/4 red pepper and onion sauted in ghee

2 slices (SUGAR FREE) bacon LOL

1/2 cup carrots

homemade grain-free banana bread (my mom made it with all complaint ingredients, so I couldn't hardly say no to her)

cinnamon tea

Meal 2:

3/4 cup homemade chicken salad with homemade mayo

3 big handfuls of baby spinach with shredded carrotts and sunflower seeds all drizzled with olive oil and a squeeze of lemon

Meal 3:

1 cup of ground beef seasoned with various taco seasonings over a bed of lettuce/baby spinach and diced pepper topped with homemade guacamole

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Overall it looks pretty good but the banana bread is a no-no for your Whole30, even if made with compliant ingredients. It is what we call SWYPO (sex with your pants on) Paleo-fying regular treats like banana bread, pancakes, muffins, cookies, etc are not allowed on your Whole30 but are fine for after! Search the forum for SWYPO for more info on them :)

Good luck!

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It's time we had "The Sex Talk" Betsey, the Sex With Your Pants On Talk. That grain free banana bread may be made with technically compliant ingredients, but the very act of mixing them together to make a "bread" is in and of itself non-compliant. It's called paleofying, or SWYPO and the rules definitely say don't do this. As you go through the w30 it will get easier to say no to well meaning friends and family, but that revelation will only come by following the meal template of protein + veg + fat.

That being said, it's clear to see you are trying so kudos for that, just keep learning the program and it will work for you.

You also could probably eat a LOT more meat, veggies and fats in order to drop that weight.

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Thanks Moluv! The sex talk, huh? LOL Ok, Ok, I got it.

I'm actually eating til I'm full so I'm not limiting the amounts based on trying to lose weight (which I'm not btw, just stating that I know I need to). I probably would like more chicken salad today, but it's all I have left. I did bring a couple handfuls of almonds in case I'm still hungry.

And tonight is my businest night of the week, so I need to eat leftovers from last night's dinner. I will have exactly 25 mins to get home from work, feed myself and my daughter before we run out to gymnastics.

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I was just inferring based on your header stating you wanted to lose weight and then noticing exact portions (like 1 cup of beef) that maybe there might be a little bit of that old diet mentality of limiting portions, watching fat etc. It's faulty logic, and I'm not saying that's your logic here, just what I picked up on. I have been literally astounded at the volumes of beef and sweet potatoes and eggs I have been eating and my body is loving every minute of it. I've gotten a smaller waist too.

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Yeah, I probably shouldn't have put portion sizes in there, but I'm honestly not measuring at all. They are just guesstimates so you all have an idea of how much or little I'm eating.

I swear everytime I think I did it perfectly I find out later I did it wrong. I might need to add on a few days at the end here.

I'll be starting a once a week group coaching sessions that start March 15th so hope they keep me on track too.

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