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Spreading the Whole30


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I just finished up my Whole30 experience and I had a blast. I feel great, my fiance can't keep her hands off me and I love talking about the experience. It's been easy to share my successes because it's easy to talk about. If you stick to the 30 days, you will come out feeling like a new person.

Through conversations with others, I have gotten about nine people to take on the challenge. I don't have to push them, I just share what I went through and the rest is cake. Everyone wants a quick fix for their diet. That seems to be half the reason they listen to my stories. When you really get into it and they see this isn't some crazy fad or one of those starve yourself detoxes, they are sold.

I had to share. It feels great to positively impact others with little to no effort. I plan to follow up with my friends who have started and keep them motivated through out the 30 days. I send them everything I can from this site so they truly know what they are getting themselves into. Keep talking about it, everyone. Spread the Whole30 and change lives.

I attached the email I have been sending people, combing resources from the site and some of my favorite Whole30 recipes. Use it if you can.

Whole30 Email.doc

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Awesome job!!! Way to get people involved and open them up to the success of W30!!

I love on your email how your "incentive" is very basic... inviting them to know how good it feels eat healthy and clean!

My question to you: Do you have any particular exercises to start the "trim up" process? I found and posted some really great beginner tips for working out, but looking for something more advanced that can be done in the home? I lost 12lbs thus far and I really want to start my workout process. So any tips you might have would be great!!

Huge congrats on your success!! Keep us posted on how many more people get into W30! It'd be great to see it as a "community" event, wouldn't it??

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