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I Finished my whole thirty a few days ago and I thought I'd just share with some of my results.

First off, one of my biggest obstacles to my whole 30 wasn't just food, but my addiction to cigarettes. I set a goal to also quit cigs while doing the whole 30 at the same time I know it sounds crazy but I was able to quit cold turkey and haven't had one drag of a cigarette since I started my W30 on Feb. 4th. (and trust me I was VERY tempted to cave on that).

I also weighed myself on day one and it came out to be 163 lbs. I weighed in today and was shocked when I saw the results. The scale read 153.6!!! I couldn't believe it but I had almost lost ten pounds! What is even more astonishing to me is that half of my W30 was spent traveling for work which made it very difficult and tempting to go off plan (HOWEVER it does prove it can be done, all you need is a little willpower!) Furthermore, my sleeping patterns have drastically improved. I hardly ever wake up during sleeping now and I am waking up EARLIER and more refreshed every day!

Although my W30 technically ended a few days ago, I decided I would extend it a little bit longer simply because I very much enjoy how I feel eating this way and living this lifestyle. Also, I just started a workout regimen as part of my own personal Whole Fitness 30 which I have set some personal goals to increase my level of fitness. I am so thankful that I started the whole 30 and I am glad that it is essentially acting as a catalyst to improve other areas of my life as well!

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First off all.... CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Welcome to the post W30 Club!! :) You did something AMAZING, do you know that?!!? Not just with food, but with your smoking addiction! I am so proud of you!!!! I know of some other people who should do W30 and kick some of their habits, but you can't force people. What an accomplishment for you!! and ten pounds gone!! AWESOME!!!!!!

I too ended my W30 on Feb.26th and haven't really reintroduced anything yet. I am revisiting the book ISWF and reading up on reintroduction. I was mainly scared what might happen if I start bringing in the foods that weren't good for me and what that will do to my well-being now. But success is built sequentially, not simultaneous. I can relate to the amazing high you are on right now with how awesome it feels to make better food choices. Incredible right!?!? How do you come down off it?

We don't have to!!

We can make clean eating trendy!! I'm not even kidding. I take pictures of my food all the time and post it on my facebook, twitter and Instagram. People envy what I am eating, not realizing it's all healthy.... IT STARTS WITH FOOD... :) We can share the love! hahaha!!

Keep up your amazing success and when you are ready: start reintroducing the foods you really honestly feel you want in your diet. Hang out with your food in small doses; build the friend slowly and on even terms.... but if you don't miss it, then maybe you were never friends in the first place :)

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Congrats on your Whole30! And congrats on quitting the cigs! My fiancé quit nicotine over a year ago and he has seen wonderful changes... faster healing being a big one!

We can make clean eating trendy!!

I love this and I so hope it happens! What would the world be like if the majority of us felt good and were hormonally balanced? So many possibilities!

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Thanks for the congrats and same goes to you!! Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I have felt physically, mentally, and emotionally this good. It has probably been 5-6 years before college introduced several bad eating and drinking habits into my lifestyle. The W30 has completely revitalized many aspects of my life that I didn't even expect and I am so thankful for that!!

I really liked how you said we make clean eating trendy!! haha, its funny but so true. Since starting and completing this program, family members and friends have recognized the transformation that eating clean can produce for you. My brother and sister-in-law were even inspired to start there own W30!! It seemingly causes a ripple effect to other people which is great because honestly our country needs some sort of health revolution to take place! okay enough with the political crap haha.

Lastly, I have absolutely fallen in love with eating a variety of good, healthy, nutritious, and delicious food since starting this program. The food I make is not only satisfying my taste buds, but also my appetite and cravings as well! I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to the massive colorful salad I eat everyday for lunch!

I really hope other people who were in a similar situation as I was when I began my W30 are inspired by my results and decide to give it a shot because it is absolutely more than worth your time and effort to make changes that could literally save your life!!!

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