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Hello, everyone!

I was referred to this site by an acquaintance and after a discussion with my doctor. almost three years ago, i wasdiagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, to which i also refer as the "fat and lazy disease." i have battled with doctors about meds, treatment regimines, etc, to no avail. in fact, the past five months have been the hardest for me, and i have had to take off a significant amount of work because of my fatigue. i also am the mother of two sweet kiddos under the age of 6, and am wife to an amazing husband who has been incredibly supportive.

the bottom line is that i would like my life back. i met with a new doctor just this morning, and discussed new treatments and options. i talked about this diet. he appears encouraging of alternative treatments, not just "let me try this medication and see what happens," and agreed that it might be helpful to my system. so, with his blessing i have ordered the book and am looking at starting the whole30 as soon as possible. i was hoping for more immediate resources on this site, like the shopping list, without having to shell out more money, so that i could start sooner than whenever the book arrives. like, tomorrow! i'm scared the cravings will be too much for me, or the detox feeling, so i was hoping to start over a weekend instead of a monday, when i'm back to work.

but, i'm essentially sick and tired of being sick and tired, and no one has been able to help me. i'm hoping that this will help reprogram my body and i can rejoin life again!

Have a great night everyone!

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Hi Liz,

I found out about the Whole30 and poked around the site and pretty much started. I tire easily lately and I regret not having been better prepared. I am on day 20 and my book came near the end of the first week and I am about 2/3 of the way done, now. Each day, I read something that could have helped me. I am also getting the daily e-mail and I find it to be really supportive.

Mostly, I wish I had bought a lot more food, done a better kitchen clean-out, and prepared some meals to freeze in advance, I had already been filling my plate with veggies, but I had no idea how much protein and fat I would need and I ended up hungry. I had a hard time catching up so that I could have leftovers for breakfast or lunch. The normal meal sizes that I was used to were about half of a meal for my husband and I.

Whatever day you start will be a great day, though! You won't really be able to predict detox days, to be completely honest. Some people struggle right away and some struggle much later. I have this feeling it will be really helpful for you once you dive in!

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Hey i know how u feel, i work 40hrs a week, a mum, a wife, a cleaner lol and not enough hours in the day. I hav changed my life since 7th jan and joined the gym and trying to regain some control.

Im too worried about the detox as a big sweet tooth.

Anyway im starting monday so no advice apart from i hav cooked 4different meals and stocked up the freezer in case of emergency lol.

Good luck hunni x

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