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21 Days to Awesome


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So I'm on the final stretch of my whole100 which I started December 21st fairly soon after completing my first whole35 (started in October). I wanted to ensure my sugar dragon was dead and buried and figure out what compliant foods affect me the most (I have a history of sensitivities most notably to fodmaps).

Coffee, tea, cocoa, coconut, nuts and spicy spices mess me up the most so for these final 21 days I am going to have a break from these and allow my health to become the most awesome it can be. I would like a break from all fruit as well but will have to see if thats achievable given there are so many vegetables I also cant have at all or much of (cabbage, onion, garlic, sprouts, cauliflower, mushrooms, beetroot, peas, eggplant, avocado, broccoli).

Here goes!

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10 hours sleep (been under the weather lately)

M1 spaghetti squash, tomato and herb sauce, tsp of ghee, fried egg on top (yum)

M2 pumpkin and zucchini soup with ghee and cooked chicken, some cucumber

M3 carrot, egg, mince with zucchini and pumpkin and ghee

M4 steak, spaghetti squash with tomato sauce, pumpkin and potato and carrot and a small piece of cauliflower

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Day 2

11 hours sleep (still under the weather)

M1 mince dish with spaghetti squash

M2 bacon and eggs, pumpkin vege soup

M3 some grapes, cucumber, ghee and a few mouthfuls of mince. Felt a bit bloated, the grapes??

M4 chicken curry with olive oil, pumpkin, broccoli, carrots, zucchini and beans plus Garam Marsala, hopefully this mild blend is okay. A slice of watermelon.

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Day 3

8 hours sleep

M1 leftover mince and soup, boiled egg, orange, purple sweet potato

M2 7 hours later... 2 boiled eggs, cucumber, carrots, grapes, peppermint tea (out for the day)

M3 beef burger, potato, carrots, pumpkin, olives, beans, broccoli and ghee plus a small serve of tomorrows breakfast hash.

Cooked up beef burgers, a breakfast hash of eggs, zucchini, sweet potatoes and blueberries with cinnamon and chilli plus a mince dish of beef, zucchini, carrots, olive oil, oregano and tomato paste. Still got some leftover chicken curry and spaghetti squash too so well prepared for the next few days!

Went for a run today too :)

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Day 4

Should be nearly recovered from caffeine by now

7 hours sleep ( very hot night, over 80F)

Pre WO half a beef burger smeared with ghee (body combat)

M1 breakfast hash with extra cinnamon

M2 spaghetti squash with tomato, chicken curry... A bit bloated

Really really wanted to have a cup of tea this arvo but managed to 'borrow' a lemon ginger tea instead

M3 mince dish over salad with olives, sweet potato. Still hungry so had a half beef burger with ghee.

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6 hours sleep... Not good

M1 breakfast hash probably needed more food but I couldnt be bothered this morning

Post WO (yoga) tuna in olive oil, carrot and a mandarin. Wanted to buy some time to cook lunch.

Feeling sad today, day 5 withdrawal most likely, better than kill all the things I guess!

M2 soup with turkey mince, bacon, cauliflower, potato and zucchini plus some baked sweet potato

Baked a frittata with eggs, sun dried tomatoes, spinach, sweet potato, herbs and pinenuts

Had some with some fruit and a small piece of beef and sweet potato as an M3 snack

M4 beef burger and salad with olives

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Forgot to add: In all seriousness, is there an activity you can do that takes your mind off feeling sad for a while? For me, it's escapist reading--some story that is completely different from my own reality. Or journaling?

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Just started a 2nd whole30 yesterday. Did ok for a little bit but sugar got the best of me. Carrying an injury which limits my exercise at the moment so need to tighten up the nutrition.

I am so impressed that you are still going strong! Seriously cool stuff.

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8 hours sleep

Half hour run

M1 frittata and last of the spaghetti squash and some leftover veges

M2 beef burger and salad

M3 fruit and pinenuts....

M4 steak, salad, avocado, blueberries, sweet potato and a little bit of coconut cream

Really missing coffee, cocoa and tea, don't know how I am going to last another two weeks.....

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Did you give up all tea? I've started drinking naturally caffeine-free herbal tea. Chamomile is my favorite to get out and about, and I brew up 2-3 cups of ginger tea every day at home by mincing raw ginger and putting it in a cup with hot water. Highly recommended - and if you chew the leftover minced bits at the end, it'll carry a kick that can wake you up like coffee : )

Anyways, I've got some tendonitis that hasn't gone away, but the real reason I'd consider doing a Whole100 is to aim to get everything right and sustainable. Right now I'm good on the food rules, but I'm not putting too much thought into variety or minimizing costs, which is alright for now, but may give me trouble when I starte reintroducing more convenient off-plan foods. Also, I want to make sleep more of a priority next time. Will definitely do a second Whole30 - we'll see how long it lasts. Though need a week or two break to go out and shmooze with some people at restaurants and thoroughly enjoy the sushi over here!!

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Glimmer, I found the spaghetti squash at the big fruit stall in Knox shopping center, do you know that one!

Moluv, pine nuts... Yeah I know... I am off nuts but not seeds.. Pinenuts are seeds? Anyway I am trying to not eat many seeds either and it only took me two days to use up the small packet of pinenuts (no brakes?) so I am not buying them again. My hubby has a pepita, sunflower and pinenut mix that I sometimes take a teaspoon or two of to sprinkle on a boring salad. I think I can tolerate a small amount of nuts and seeds, the main problem is I overeat them and then really suffer... But the jury is still out.

Casey, I am drinking herb teas... Thanks for your suggestions. I don't like camomile for some reason, tastes soapy. I love ginger teas but the ones with the real ginger in cause immediate wind problems or some reason... I have the twinings lemon ginger, some fruit teas and my favorite is a licorice blend... It's quite sweet, it's the only one I really like so I would like to find another one.... Got any other recommendations?

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Day 7

8 hours sleep

6km slow run

M1 cantaloupe and turkey mince soup

M2, salad, avocado, beef mince, blueberries, coconut, purple sweet potato

M3 mandarin, pineapple, half a beef burger and ghee

Feeling a bit hungry and jittery, decided to have some coconut cream and coconut...

M4 steak, chicken, salad, sweet potato, fruit platter, avocado... dinner at the inlaws

Got the itches, I hope there wasnt any sugar or artificial sweetener in the fruit platter, i didnt think to check at the time.. It was packaged though...

Severe stomach pain now too. No more avocado and coconut next week!

But hooray completed a week without coffee, cocoa and nuts!

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Day 8

7 hours sleep

M1 turkey cauliflower soup


Post WO frittata and a mandarin

M2 mince and veges on baked squash

M3 dates, potato, pumpkin seeds

Made a meatloaf with zuchini and sundried tomatoes

M4 frittata, baked squash stuffed with pineapple and cashews, baked potato with ghee

Feeling very stuffed now!

My skin has flared up yesterday and today.... At least I know it's not from coffee, cocoa or nuts.

The most likely causes are




Running (hadn't sweated for awhile before this)

It might also be mid month hormones as I think this happened 4 weeks ago too

My goals for next week

No coffee or cocoa or nuts or coconut or avocado

Eat smaller meals and add in a bowl of soup to more meals (clothes are still a bit tight)

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Looks like you're really narrowing down the candidates, Juzbo. I can say that coconut and/or mid-month hormones cause dry, painful skin for me on my shins. Avocado oil as a lotion/moisturizer helps heal it, but I don't like it.

I'm so impressed that you made it an entire week without coffee, cocoa, or nuts! I hated to give up nuts, but in the end, it was worth it. I don't think I have a reaction to them, but my intestine just can't break down now. Maybe we'll both be able to add them back in after more healing takes place.

P.S. Am jealous of your frittatas. :)

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Thanks Mary. I am beginning to think I might be able to handle some nuts and cocoa but not as well as as coconut. I often have nuts with coconut or cocoa with coconut. So may be I just have to give up coconut.

I tried coconut on day 6 and 7 and nuts and cocoa on day 8 and had cocoa again today.

Coconut seems to twist my guts. Nuts are more like you say, can't break them down and therefore any more than a small handful bloats/blocks me up.

Cocoa is more a laxative but the caffeine and theobromine seem to effect me.

The frittata was yum!

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7 hours sleep

6km slow run

Tummy is a bit crook again, must be the curry

M1 small amount of left over curry and baked squash with fruit


M2 soup and meatloaf ..quick meal as off to the hairdressers

M3 carrot, meatloaf, sweet potato and cantaloupe, licorice tea

M4 lamb with carrot, celery and potato, cocoa

A good day today, no cravings, didn't even feel like anything more after dinner for a change

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