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Meat grinder recommendations?


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My husband is an avid and very effective hunter - every year he gets a great buck, and this year he also shot a terrific wild hog that has been incredibly yummy.

We took the venison to a local processor because we decided we wanted deer brats (I love hot dogs but ewww). When we brought it home, we realized they had only given us 10 of the 20 pounds we were supposed to get. We called and they said, "Oh, sorry about that, just come back and we'll give you the other 10 pounds." It was clear that our brats probably were not from our deer, or at least not our deer alone, and that's just not acceptable to us - who knows what other deer is in there??

When he caught the hog we butchered it completely ourselves and just bagged and froze it ourselves, because we did not want to take it to a processor.

But we love ground stuff, ground pork and things because it's easy to throw on the George Foreman and you can mix it into things without too much trouble. It also would be nice to be able to grind our own chicken from local sources.

So, to make this long story short, LOL, does anyone have a good meat grinder you can recommend?


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