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Countdown to Tough Mudder

Karen Wang

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So there's 34 days until Tough Mudder in Sydney, and I'm going to do the Whole 30 (or 34 in my case) in order to clean up my diet and feel great by the time the event comes around.

I tried to do it once and was up to Day 25 (or somewhere around that) until I bailed. I think the biggest pitfalls for me are snacking after dinner and going out with collegues/friends on Friday nights. I'm not a big drinker so alcohol is not an issue for me, but I tend to overeat on nuts and sweet things (froyo, chocolate etc), so they are definitely things I need to change. I'm going to omit nuts and eat minimal fruit during my whole30 because they are problematic foods for me.

Well here I go! Tomorrow will be Day 1. Looking forward to getting back to clean eating after a horror of a week last week (Ate WAY too many office biscuits on Friday).

My goals are to:

1) Break my bad eating habits (always snacking after dinner when I really shouldn't, and eating out of boredom at work)

2) Lose the weight I gained while I was in the US for 6 months last year. Tough Mudder will be ALOT easier if I'm not carrying this extra weight around

3) Feeling a sense of achievement by completing the Whole30

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Great goals! I'm doing a Whole 100 leading up to Tough Mudder Whistler (Vancouver). I'm on day 10. Like you, I got pretty far one other time but bailed before it completed. I also am challenged with social situations but I am a drinker which is why the Whole 100, I've got quite a bit of old ways to clean up.

Have you completed a Tough Mudder before?

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Nop never. Definitely looking forward to it though. I'm doing it with a bunch of guys so I really don't want to be the weakest link in the group.

Wow Tough Mudder in Whistler - I would imagine the hills to be insane there. And you are doing 100 days as well, that's awesome!

Have you done these obstacle course races before Heather? I'm planning to do another 1 in May, and then another in June. They are only around 10km so no way as insane as Tough Mudder

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Day 1

Lunch: MASSIVE salad with tuna, eggs, avocado, lettuce, carrots, celery and tomatoes. Lemon juice and olive oil as dressing

Dinner: Chicken cooked in coconut milk, stir fried veggies

Snacks: Orange, 3 cacao beans, 1 piece of 100% raw chocolate (the only ingredient is cacao bean)

Exercise: None. Decided to forgo the gym to let my body recover from the two day 26km hike I did over the weekend. Calves were still killing me today.

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Karen, I attempted the Whistler Mudder last year. I over trained leading up to the event and went in with the expectation that it was 10 miles. I made it to 9.5 miles when I saw people running straight up a ski slope and heard that it's going to be 12. Early in the race I tore my groin and I had enough so I stopped. I've never regretted that because I knew I wasn't capable of making it any further and I wasn't having fun. This year I'm going to finish. I won't over train and I will be better prepared plus I'm doing it with a bunch of people who have various fitness levels. I shared the same concerns as you last year about potentially being the weakest link and I really let it get to me, I'm going to work hard this year to not let that be the case. My husband will be on a different team this year too so that should be interesting ;)

I still can't get my head around the electric shock obstacles. I'll need to conquer that before June. I really want it to be fun this year and I really want to finish it.

I'd love to hear about yours. I'll be watching Facebook for pics of the Sydney event.

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I'm doing the Sydney Tough Mudder!! I'm terrified and excited all at the same time.

We are pretty much living whole30 everyday now.. finished our 2nd w30 at the start of the month. It's easier to stay on it and keep the training schedule.

Our team is training crossfit together but we are mixed fitness levels also. We plan to do it altogether though, I don't care how long it takes we will finish!

Good luck!

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That's awesome everyone!

Anyways my Day 2 log:

Lunch: Chicken cooked in coconut milk, stir fried veggies

Dinner: Steamed fish, canned tuna, stir fried egg with enoki mushrooms, other random veggies in stir fry

Snack: Apple, 1 piece of 100% raw chocolate (Hmmmm so bitter)

Exercise: Crossfit was just cardio cardio cardio today. Managed to improve my time to 1min10sec for the 300 row so that was something. However was still last when we did 3 rounds of 800m runs and 200m sprints. Must.... keep... running...

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Day 4

Lunch: Pork chops and stir fried veggies

Dinner: Salmon + Pork chops + stir fried veggies

Snacks: 1 piece of 100% chocolate

Exercise: Killer of a day at crossfit. Won't go into the details but I was definitely relieved after it was finished

Had a stressful day at work today. Was SOOOOOOOO tempted to grab an office biscuit to relieve the stress but glad I didn't in the end! i didn't even realise I'm an emotional eater at times but I guess I am, especially when I'm stressed or bored.

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