Whole 30#2... It's been a month and I've missed it!

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Day 1:

I've been looking forward to this! My first Whole30 (Jan1-31) was GREAT. I lost 9.6 pounds, skin cleared, gave up caffeine and was super-energized for my workouts. I've done well in the last month not to completely reverse everything I gained from my first Whole30 but I have truly missed how strong I felt at the gym. Perhaps more importantly, my sugar dragon woke up again in the last week or so. I might need to stay completely compliant for more than 30 days this time around but we'll see how it goes.


Spinach, bell pepper, mushroom and shallot egg muffins. Sweet potato with coconut milk, cinnamon, etc.


Bison meatballs with spaghetti squash and marinara.




Homemade chicken soup (I have a cold and my fiance's soup has magical powers)


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Day 2: Enjoying what is probably a placebo effect and feeling stronger already. Just need to beat this cold and get back to the gym.

Breakfast: Veggie/egg muffin, sweet potatoes

Lunch: Baby carrots, cantaloupe and a banana (this is what I get for not doing a cookup this past weekend)

Dinner: WELL FED PAD THAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of you may know how I feel about this dish ;)


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