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Cassie M's W30, Part Deux

Cassie M

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This is it, good decision opportunities are all around.

Hope your issues get resolved post haste & the baby making can begin in earnest :)

Ahh - thanks a million, Derval! I'm back in with the doctor on Thursday and may soon see a resolution to this! I appreciate the good thoughts and positive energy x

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Well, here we are: Day 31

I'm happy to have successfully completed my second Whole30, but I can't help but feel like I've failed in so many ways.

My goals coming into this were threefold:

Firstly, I wasn't specifically looking to lose weight since last time I only dropped 3 pounds. I was looking for improvements in my body composition. My 'fail' in this regard is that I didn't take starting measurements - however, my waist and the junk in my trunk feel smaller, and my 'thunder thighs' are still thunderous, just a little less so.

Second, I was hoping that this W30 would break my reliance on nuts as a snack/filler meal, but it's ridonkulous how many nuts and Nakd bars I've consumed over the past 30 days. My next W30 will include a ban on nuts.

Finally, I was supposed to work out at least 3 times a week. I think I only managed that 2 out of the 4 weeks. I used the 3+ weeks of continuous spotting as an excuse to skip the gym, but I went this morning and felt great, so it's about how I continue on in the absence of the rules and restrictions of the W30 that matters. Onwards and upwards.

I refuse to believe that the last 30 days was a complete failure. I stayed compliant with temptation shoved in my face and even survived a weekend away amidst all of this. My body feels happy and healthy (minus all the bleeding). And this being my second W30, I feel like I've learned a little bit more about my relationship with food and how to cope when that gets tested. A healthy lifestyle after all is an evolutionary process; I'm well over the number on the scale and focused instead on how I can have a sustainable lifestyle where food doesn't control me or my emotions. Finally, since I'm preparing my body for pregnancy, I am confident that I have adopted positive habits that will enable me to properly nourish a child when I'm fortunate enough to get knocked up.

Aaaaand scene.

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Not a complete or anyways failure! You stayed compliant for 30 days! nakd bars & nuts are really yummy, it is hard to stop, but at least they are not the new tayto chocolate bars eh?

I actually couldn't believe it when I saw Tayto chocolate bars! I will NOT be indulging in that :)

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