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Made it to the Double-Digits - TEN days in!


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Hi Everyone!

I have suffered from vestibular migraines for years (i.e. vertigo, dizziness, nausea, occular hallucinations, pulsitile tinnitus, numbness, and tingling, to name a few side effects) and have seen some of the best neurologists in the country...only to be given medication after medication after medication. All to no avail. No matter how much medication I tried, nothing was going to make me better, unless I did something myself to make a change...

So...something changed. Fate caused me to stumble on the Whole 9 Facebook page and my life was changed. I read "It Starts with Food" and my life was renewed. While it took a month or two of "thinking" about it and mulling it over in my mind (trying to decide if I could, in fact, live without my daily donuts) - I finally took the plunge...something had to give. I had to do something, because nothing else was working. What did I have to lose?

Here is what I had to lose...

A hardcore sugar addiction that consisted of more sugar and carbs than one would ever believe one person could consume in one day. An addiction that was making me sick in more ways than one.

Ten days in and I am committed...so committed that I sat next to a piece of Chicago style-pizza and didn't even flinch (my steak and snap peas made me feel WAY better)...so committed that when forced to go into Panera to pick up a catering order for work, I didn't cave to the cravings that were howling in my mind (although I did cry when I got back in my car, even so, I did it, I beat the craving for the first time in my life).

This program has changed me...already...and I am only a few days in...my daughter has had fun helping me get creative with meals (we are hardcore foodies and we LOVE to cook, so this has been a blast!) and she is having so much fun helping me count the days! My husband, a Type 1 diabetic is even on board and is loving this new way of thinking and cooking and eating!

It is hard to change the brainwashed thinking we have about food, diets, etc. and it is even harder to try and explain it to others...so I have just resorted to saying, "You just have to read the book!" and have found that many of my friends have actually orderd the book! This just makes my committment and drive even stronger - so I can show the world how I feel!!

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