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Anyone starting on March 12 or 13?

Sandy Van

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HI I'm starting my 3 rd whole 30 today. The first whole 30 I did was back in Sept and had a great result and felt great. My 2nd whole 30 I didn't complete ;-( My football team made it to the super bowl so I decided to go to the bar and drink. Not my best decison. So here I am giving it another shot. I know when I eat this way my body and mind feel better . Good luck with you whole30. Let me know how you are doing! My name is Sara. I just turned 31 and I have 3 kids. my Son Joe is 7 and my twins Ben and Olivia are 6. They keep me very busy. Hoping to instill healthy eating with them. My goal is to lose about 4o lbs. Since I started on my weight loss journy 6 years ago i have lost over 120 lbs.

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