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First Food Made.....Day 2

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Well - I am new to this and I am trying very hard! I am not hungry and I crave sugar so the food seems so bland to me. I made a few things this morning so we will see how they taste. My concern....we have a dinner to go to on Friday night that is a small formal sit down dinner. I know they offer filet...any other suggestions to keep the kitchen from using butter? By the way...made mayo and it's pretty nasty. It turned out right but I think the olive oil is SO overpowering.




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yeah, about the mayo - like Tom said there is a "light tasting" (not light olive oil), I get mine at Target. it makes ALL the difference. even with salads, etc, I only use this kind now.

is it possible to call ahead and ask? otherwise you could step off to the side if you're more comfortable. or just ask! I usually tell the restaurant/whatever that I have problems digesting ___. I used to say allergy but many have pointed out on here how seriously allergies are and how far the kitchen has to go to prepare food, and how using the allergy card makes those with real allergies in more danger by people like us crying wolf! so I do make sure I tell them it's NOT an allergy, it's just a personal digestive issue.

OH, and ask for steamed! if I'm in doubt I just ask them to steam my veggies/fish/whatever! or ask, some places sautee in olive oil.

good luck! and enjoy your meal. do the best you can and you have succeeded! :)

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