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Ok so my goals for this whole 30 are slightly different to my first.

1. No nut snacks

2. No sneaky swypo treats

3. No coffee after lunch

4. Do a proper reintroduction

I know I doing this over Easter but it is not a big festival for my family and myself so it will be do-able.


Meal 1 leftover BBQ chook, sweet potato, coleslaw and a fried egg in coconut oil, coconut water (the unsweetened type and we are at the end of a massive hot spell here)

Meal 2 steak, salad, tuna, beetroot more coleslaw, more coconut water

Meal3 2 boiled eggs, 1/2 a handful of shredded chicken, cucumber sticks

Meal 4 steak, coleslaw, salad, sweet potato with coconut oil

Feeling, full and satisfied. Looking forward to the energy levels improving over the next week or so as the rubbish leaves my system.

Exercise is at a minimum at the moment as I have bursitis in my shoulder. On legs only and missing the weights room (another reason I need the whole30 now as my body fat is increasing)

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So, I have so many similarities to draw with you: this is also my second W30 (I started on the 11th), I'm trying to cut down on how often I reach for the bag of nuts (they seemed to be my crutch food the first time around) and - finally - I have shoulder bursitis! I used to love lifting and swimming, then got bursitis in my left shoulder, did physio and 2 rounds of steroid shots, felt better (but didn't start back in on the lifting and swimming) ... and over the last month my right shoulder is giving me signs of bursitis, so I'll be back at the physio soon. I need to get back to the gym to do my physio moves (now for my right shoulder too) and just hit the cardio until I'm better.

I wish you great success in your W30 and look forward to watching your progress!

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Day 2 looked at meal plan guidelines last night (that might help hey) and used the template to put together breakfast. I have not been eating enough for breaky while between whole30's!

So massive meal 1 today to hopefully keep some of the crankys at bay

7 hours broken sleep last night. End of a heat wave here. Kids are tired, cranky and out of wack. Going to be a long day...maybe not the best time to try cutting down on coffee.: )

Meal 1 fist size piece of sweet potato mashed and mixed with a shredded zuchini and 2 eggs, fried in 2 teaspoons coconut oil and topped with baby spinach, a palm size piece of chicken breast and 1/2 an avocado

Meal 2 impromptu picnic at the park, 1 palm chicken breast, 1 hard boiled egg, 2 teaspoons mayo, grated carrot, cabbage and shredded spinach. (Didn't eat enough and was hungry 2 hours later..more carby veg at lunch tomorrow)

Meal3 boiled egg, 1/2 a palm chicken breast, 2 teaspoons mayo, 1/2 avocado, carrot and cucumber

Meal4 planning BBQ chops with onion, tomato and zuchinni. This wasn't enough, either thwt or I have to stop watching MKR lol. Had small handful of almonds and blueberries and a cup of peppermint tea

Coffee intake 2 cups...not 3pm and hanging for a cup...but peppermint tea will have to do....

Cassie- sorry to hear you are going through this too, it is so debilitating. I am still at the ice take anti-inflam stage of treatment...hoping it doesn't get worse, physio is going to try acupuncture next time I'm in.

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Day 3. I have a headache

7 hours sleep, unbroken.

Meal 1 fist size sweet potato 2 eggs, 1 palm chicken spinach capsicum mushroom cabbage coconut oil

Meal 2 left over BBQ chops (2 palms worth) spinach cucumber avocado beets 1palm sweet potato 1/2 an avocado

Meal 3 mussaman prawn curry made with taro rather than potato. Broccoli, capsicum, zuchini

I am going crazy with not being allowed to lift. I even went for a run today (and I hate running) as I am allowed to do that.

1 cup coffee for the day, a long black at my local coffee shop. At about 9am.

Headache has kicked in around dinner time. Would love some wine but might stick with panadol.

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Day 4 I still have a headache, and AF has arrived

9 hours sleep last night (yay!)

M1: 1 palm beef and turkey mince, 2 eggs, sweet potato, cabbage, cauli and zuchini hash cooked in 1 thumb ghee, 2 cups of coffee

WO: my gym is trailing Grit Strength so I did a session...pretty fun.. Oh a a long black post work out

M2: 1 palm beef and turkey mince, 1/2 palm chicken, fist size sweet potato, cabbage, 1/2 an avocado, tablespoon mayo

About to try panadol to see if my headache goes away

M3: 2 palms roast pork, 3pieces roast pumpkin, apple sauce, cauliflower green beans and carrots

M4: 1 palm pork, 2 pieces pumpkin, tablespoon mayo, small handful almonds

Not enough fat at meal 3 and sat up watching tv which led to meal 4

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Dy 5. 7.5 hours sleep, woke up feeling alert but not energetic.

M1 1 7.30 palm roast pork, vege hash cakes made with sweet potato zuchinie cauliflower and 2 eggs fried with coconut oil apple sauce

M2?/snack? 11.00 Apple at breakfast a bad idea, we hangry by 9am, at 11 had 1 palm mince meat and a tablespoon mayo

M3 2pm. Lamb salad, no dressing at a restaurant.

M4 6pm one pot chicken, 1 drumstick, 2 thighs. Zuchin, spinach, capsicum onion coconut oil pumpkin

Tired. Sitting down to watch biggest loser..lol..then aiming for an early night.

3 coffees today

Put my jeans on as its cold here for the first time in a while and they are tight : ( boo..

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Day 6. I was hoping to start feeling better by now but I am exhausted. 8 hours good sleep last night but could easily fall asleep now (2pm)

M1 cinnamon sweet potato hash, caulirice, zuchini. Spinach 3 eggs fried in coconut oil

WO. Got go ahead from physio to start shoulder rehab. Yay! And some back/chest stuff. So I did a 5 min run to warm up then

2x8 front squats, lunges, dumbell chest press, physio exercises, bent over dumbell rows, leg press and lat pull downs. Felt good to be back doing weights, finished of with 15 mins HIIT on trreadmill and chucked some box jumps in between sets.

I need to get back into the habit of pre-post work out snacks I think

M2 chicken drumstick, roast pork beets and salad, mayo sunflower seeds

45 min walk with 2 year old in pram to do kinder pick up

M3 end piece off meatloaf, about 1/2 a palm and 1/2 a carrot

M4sweet potato cauliflower mash with ghee, green beans, broccoli and 1.5 palms meatloaf.

Ate too much cause it was so yum..feeling sleepy.


2 coffee day, all before noon. Getting used to not having a coffee before my first meal.

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Day 7 !! Yay, first week done.

Reflections on my first week.

I am actually making my goals for this round happen (OMG!)

NO sneaky swypo berries and coconut cream, almond butter and fruit etc! WOOT!

NO coffee after lunch (some days this has been brutal and peppermint tea is just not the same but I have stuck it out)

Nut snacks...ok need to work on that but twice isn't the end of the world.

I am still feeling flat but I suspect that is the change of season too, and the big carb drop with limiting fruit.

I do much better when I don't eat fruit in the morning

So my aims for the coming week.

1.increase carby veg with meals

2. Prepare and pack pre and post work out snacks

Food for today

M1 palm of mince, 1 egg, sweet potato cabbage cauliflower coconut oil. Coffee

M2 palm of roast pork, 2 hard boiled eggs beets, lettuce, cucumber tomato mushroom olive oil ( I ate most of this at about noon and didn't finish it so finished the rest around 3pm)

WO: pushing pram with 2 kids around zoo for 5 hours, along with lifting toddler in and out of pram to see monkeys, baby elephants etc.

M3: leftover meatloaf maybe 1.5 palms, cinnamon sweet potato fries and veggies (well that's the plan anyways)

Coffee count 2.

Tripped on my exhaustion...note to self go to bed if hungry after dinner

Snacks....1/2 palm meatloaf, couple of bits of sweet potato 2 teaspoons coconut oil, handful almonds and blueberries

Hmm if I had of put all that on a plate and sat down I would have called that meal 4

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Day 8...still waiting for the magic to happen, I'm sure I felt better than this last time but then again I wasnt injured then. I just looked back at my previous log and I was eating a lot more fruit,nut butter, and coconut milk last time around.

These are foods I have been limiting/avoiding so that might be part of it

M1 leftover meatloaf, sweet potato salad greens and olive oil

PreWOS: hard boiled egg coconut oil

Wo: gimpy weight lifting....now I know why they have those teeny dumbells at gyms : (

Post WOS: leftover cinnamon sweet potatoes, hard boiled egg

Lunch: 1 palm meatloaf, 1/2 avocado cucumber tomato lettuce

S: hard boiled egg

M3: steak with mushroom gravy, sweet potato fries and salad.

Pleased that I got wo snacks sorted today. Still looking for a little sweet something today but haven't given in.

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Day 9 ( or day 1 depending on what I decide by the time I get this out)

Last night after dinner I was hungry..I think..I may just have been looking for something sweet..may have been tired..not sure.

Anyways I ended up eating 2 helpings of blueberries, raspberries and almonds. The first lot of blueberries were so sweet I had to go back for seconds.

I haven't felt any increase in sugar cravings today based on this. I am annoyed as I really wanted to stop that after dinner snacking thing. Bt everything I ate yesterday is compliant and good for me and heaps better than I was eating a couple of weeks ago (paleo desserts galore)

Had a bad nights sleep, 6 hours broken, kids, windy weather, husband disturbing my sleep. Not sure if the 8.00 berries and almonds disturbed my sleep or if it was just one of those nights

2 coffees today

M1 sweet potato and riced cauliflower scramble with 2 eggs and some mince.

M2 sweet potato mince lettuce cucumber 1/2 an avocado

M3 balsamic mustard chicken drumsticks and salad,

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Day 10 - decided to just keep on keeping on : ) in other words I couldn't face having to start over for a handful of blueberries and almonds.

Starting to feel the luv! Finally! Woohoo! Really hoping the even mood and even energy levels keeps going.

M1 leftover sweet potato chips, caulirice, spinach and spring onions with 3 eggs fried in ghee and 1/2 an avocado ( I did try to poach my eggs..but I have forgotten how do do,that and when the first one disintegrated i decided I must need more ghee..lol)

WO: shoulder niggling so skipped gym and did a 2 hour pram walk/kinder drop off/walk to shops circuit instead

M2: leftover chicken drumsticks (2), lettuce tomato cucumber sweet poato 1/4 avocado, vinegrette dressing pepitss, sunflower seeds and beetroot

M3? Not sure,yet

I have just finished making up some coconut and strawberry ice-cream for my kids and a big batch of mayo using macadamia and light olive oils..YUM

Poaching some chicken breasts and have a pot of eggs boiling. Guess these will be the basis of dinner


S. small handful pepitas sunflowers and home made sultanas

M3: salad with chicken breast and mayo blueberries almonds coconut milk

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Sometimes glimmer I think you just need the extra carbs and fat. I have had similar before with sweet potato and cinnamon after dinner, but that night and the day after I have felt better and haven't self destructed so listening to your body is good!

And see you did have a good day today!

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Hey glimmer,

I know exactly how you feel, being disappointed about eating fruits and nuts when you didn't need it. I too am trying to get rid of "justified snacking", especially after dinner when I feel like having something sweet. Focus on the positive here: you indulged in fruits and nuts, which are at least compliant! Onwards and upwards ...

What kind of shoulder rehab does your physio have you doing? I'm doing YWTs, these rotating moves with dumbbells (laying down), and these thumbs up dumbbell lifts (sorry, I don't know what some of these are called!) I feel like such an idiot with the little 1kg weights because I used to lift much heavier, but I have to get over it and do what's best for my shoulders!

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Lol@ the 1kg dumbells. I know what you mean. I call it "gimpy lifting" I'm doing shoulder rotation things(rotator cuff exercises) using the cable machine on 1.25kgs, or a resistance band at home. I am allowed to do some chest and upper back stuff, and legs I will admit to being scared to put my weights up to normal though for fear of hurting my shoulder further.

Juzbo - have gone with the more fat and carbs theory today..fingers crossed.

Day 11. 6 hours sleep (must go to bed earlier)

M1 3 eggs scrambled with coconut milk on sweet potato with spinach and spring opinions, coconut oil. Coffee

WO: warm up, 2x90 sec planks, 1.25kg cable machine shoulder rotations 1x8. 3x12 22kg front squat, 3x12 22.5kg bent over row, 3x12 26kg chest press, 3x12 10kg dumbell split squats.

PWOS 1 hard boiled egg, sweet potato coffee

M2 coleslaw, mayo chicken breast avocado beetroot sweet potato

M3 hazelnut crusted lamb with potatoes and pumkin roasted in lamb fat, Brussels sprouts, green beans cauliflower.

I was so stuffed after dinner that I couldn't eat it all. Yet 3 hours later I am hungry..what is with that? Having a peppermint tea and then I might hit the sack.

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Day 12 7 hours sleep, still struggling to get to sleep earlier than 11pm. Evenings are the only time I get time to myself and its hard to give thwt up for sleep.

Successfully managed no nibbles after dinner last night with the help of peppermint tea (YAY!)

M1, part1 coffee leftover roast pumpkin, brussel sprouts 1/2 a paul roast lamb and a hard boiled egg (this was more a big snack as we were going out for breakfast but I was concerned I wouldn't find anything I could eat.

M1 part 2 ..dining out success!! Went to a local breaky place and had 2 poached eggs with wilted spinach, a grilled tomato, mushrooms and 1/2 an avocado coffee will definitely be going back there as they were so accommodating and the food was tasty. Post whole30 I would totally go some of their bacon..nom nom nom.

M2 leftover roast lamb, coleslaw, mayo, roast pumpkin beetroot coffee

I have aggravated my shoulder playing with the kids in the park this morning ice and anti-inflams this arvo..fingers crossed it settles down again, was hoping to start getting my weights back up this week.

Snacks (hungry as this arvo and busy) blueberries, banana with almond butter, 1/2 nectarine, 1/2 apple almonds (hmm me thinks not enough carbs with meals)

M3 leftover roast lamb and salad avocado mayo

Grr blueberries and almond butter (stupidly bought almond butter telling myself I wouldn't eat it, thwt its for the kids and have eaten it twice today)

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