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My first NON-calorie counting food log!


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Log from yesterday, day 16: 3/26

PreW: Meal 1: hard boiled egg and nuts

W: ran 6 miles

PostW: Meal 2: turkey, bell pepper, strawberries

Meal 3: Moroccan chicken, sweet potatoes, avocado salad, Moroccan dressing

Meal 4: chipotle carnitas with guacamole

I have to say, I hated the carnitas :( this was my first time going to chipotle during my whole30 and I am usually a barbacoa kind of girl :( I wish chipotle used better ingredients for their other meats too! But overall, it was a good day :) on to day 17!! Can't believe I'm more than halfway through

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I was really happy to see this post about calorie counting! Today is my first day of Whole30 and i will admit that i am having major anxiety about not counting calories. I too have been counting calories for a long time and have stuck to a very strict daily calorie intake, so the thought of increasing my fat intake through things like nuts and oils and not counting calories makes me kinda nervous. I totally get why the program says to not count them, and i really want to get to the place where my body dictates what i need and not my calorie counting app, but its just a bit tough to stop all of a sudden. But day 1 so far and i didnt count any calories!

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Hello! Sorry I have not been keeping up with my logs! It's been a crazy week with easter and spring break. But yes, I know the feeling of coming from a strict calorie counting background. Honestly, it took me a good week to just STOP worrying about the numbers! On the top of my food journal I even wrote "STOP COUNTING CALORIES"just to remind myself as I journal to not naturally start ticking off the calories in my head! How is it going for you so far? Are you managing?? Good luck!

I will resume my journal now for the day :) without numbers! :)

Meal 1: pre workout hard boiled egg and nuts

Meal 2: post workout eggs with veggies, avocado, sweet potatoes, and strawberries

Meal 3: cajun style ground turkey meat with salad with nuts on top and olive oil dressing

Meal 4: IN PROGRESS! Spaghetti squash with sausage and marinara that I infuse with a ton of veggies! So excited about this dinner!


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Today has been SUCH a tiring and stressful day! Had my internship from 8-4 but had a fasting blood test to get done at 7:30 am so I had to eat my first meal in the car on my way to work! Then I had planned to go to a Nike training class at the gym at 5:30 so I had a pre workout egg and nuts but when I got to the class the gym was packed and I was just so tired I drove back home. I'm full now tho so I probably won't have a big last meal! I think my body definitely needed a break though...log for today!

Meal 1: 2 hard boiled eggs, nuts, carrots and sugar snap peas

Meal 2: leftover spaghetti squash with sausage marinara and an apple

Pre workout (but not really): Meal 3: hard boiled egg and nuts

No workout :(

Meal 4: planning on leftover Cajun turkey and sweet potatoes with a bit of avocado!

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Hey, so far things are going well. I haven't logged in to my calorie counting app once since i started the program. I will admit i sometimes get a bit of anxiety about what i'm eating, just because from my history counting i'm aware of the calories in things like nuts, but i'm just putting it out of my mind. I did cheat once and step on the scale to make sure i hadn't gained any weight from increasing my fats. But i have myself heck after and promised i wouldn't do it again haha. It s definitely interesting letting that stuff go and really learning about what is healthy for my body as opposed to what is just low calorie. I have had the symptoms listed in the timeline almost to a t my first 8 days, but i haven't cheated once with food and decided yesterday i'm going to extend my 30 days by at least one week when i'm done

What day are you on? Is this your first Whole30?

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That sounds like you are doing great! Yes this is my first whole 30 and I am on day 26!! It's been hard but so good for me at the same time! I'm a nutritionist and in a masters program now working towards being a registered dietitian and I firmly agree with the whole 30 philosophy and what it promotes regarding a better relationship with food! I'm loving it :) good luck with the not counting...it is possible you just gotta distract your mind from automatically going there!

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Day 25 log:

PreW: meal 1: hard boiled egg, nuts

W: 8 mile run! And some lifting

PostW: meal 2: eggs with veggies, avocado, and fruit

Meal 3: leftover Cajun turkey meat and sweet potatoes, salad with veggies and olives, olive oil dressing

Meal 4: (I needed a snack today I was starving! probably did not eat enough after my run) banana with some cashews

Meal 5: spaghetti squash with sausage marinara sauce

On to day 26!!!

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