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Katy's Whole 30 - Take two (Mar 12, 2013)


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The Intro

Well, here I am again. What started with a few friends saying they wanted to do a "Whole Foods" month in January turned into me finding Whole30 and completing the program that month (friends opted out, haha). I felt so great! I don't have many health problems and generally eat pretty healthily, but I noticed a huge difference in steady energy, more energy, and I learned a ton about cooking and now love vegetables! Also, I didn't need to snack throughout the day. Not to mention, I didn't even want to eat bread/pasta/diary/fruit after a while...love me some meat & veggies! I'd consider it a success.

Reintro was, alas, not quite as perfectly controlled as I had hoped it would be. I found that grains or anything starchy really aggravate my anxiety, which may have made some of my reintro much more impulsive. I had some stomach issues with grains and peanut butter. Other legumes and dairy were fine, but I really don't miss them, so I haven't added them back in regularly. I struggled with chocolate cravings and getting out of control eating it. And along with it, sugar. Which I already know aggravates my anxiety.

In the weeks since, I've been eating compliant (I haven't cooked anything non-compliant except brownies) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And eating a lot of chocolate or peanut butter or nutella as snacks in between meals and after dinner. I think it's pretty clear I have a sugar (or some kind of) addiction. I'm compulsive, and then I get super anxious as my blood sugar spikes, then drops, which makes me even more powerless to compulsions. It's a vicious cycle and I felt very out of control.

My conclusion is that I need another Whole 30! I NEED the rules in order to force myself into eating in a way which promotes my well being. Eating "mostly compliant" was good, but it wasn't enough to counteract the effects of the sugar binges, obviously. I need to get back to feeling so calm and steady and energetic in order to convince myself how much I want this! Also, I'm running a half marathon in 8 weeks, and I want to be in optimal health and shape for that.


- No snacking on fruit or nuts, especially in the evening when I get that "sugar craving". I want to slay the sugar dragon for real this time, even if I can never eat chocolate again ...

- Do not obsess. I have addictive/OCD tendencies and have dealt with an eating disorder in the past. This must not get to the point where I'm using it as a psychological means to exercise control because of how out of control other areas of my life seem. It has to be about taking care of myself and helping myself feel good.

- Observe changes in female hormones and fertility.

Day 1 - food and activity log

Breakfast - 2 eggs fried in EVOO. I was in a hurry and also it was late so breakfast was 2.5 hours before lunch. So I didn't eat any veggies...

Lunch - leftover chicken and broccoli stir fry. I don't think the sauce was 100% compliant, but I only used a few TBSP for the whole pot...Decided not to obsess and just "ease in" to the first day.....

Pre-Run snack - almonds.

Run - 3 miles, then lunges, stretching, core. Run felt good considering 40 degree temps. 9:30 min/mi. I have not been running regularly because of the cold weather. The other day I could only make it 0.5 miles becuase my heart was pounding too much from an anxiety attack from eating a lot of carbs (at someones house) the night before...Today was much better and I had a lot of energy :)

Post-Run snack - sweet potato with coconut oil

Dinner - Shepherd's pie (with smashed cauliflower instead of potatoes). YUM! Half an avacado

I have a bit of a headache this evening. It may be from exercise or not drinking enough water after exercise or sugar withdrawal...

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Hi, sounds like we have some similar goals (re fruit and nut snacks, especially after dinner). This is also my 2 nd whole 30.

I did my first in Jan and then off-roaded a little too much : ) Good luck with it all.

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Day 2 (March 13, 2013)

I did not sleep very well over night, even though I was very tired. Still got 7.5 hours of fitful/anxious sleep.

Breakfast - 3 eggs, sauteed spinach, salsa

Lunch - Shepherd's pie, sweet potato, banana

Dinner - Taco salad

Snack - almonds. I need to get other foods to have as a snack! Or space out my meals better. Dinner was at 5:30 and I was hungry again by 9:30...

I felt pretty good all day until the evening. Then I felt overwhelmed/grumpy/frazzled as if I had had a bad day, when really it was just a busy, good day. I was also exhausted and anxious. And I snapped at my roommate. I also had a mild headache in the evening, which is rare for me. Probably some sugar withdrawal going on...?

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Day 3 (March 14, 2013) Happy Pi Day (but no Pie for me!)

I slept a bit better last night, though I was SO exhausted and couldn't fall asleep until 12 because I needed to process the day, but kept getting distracted by anxious thoughts. Then I didn't want to get up in the morning and dragged myself out of bed and in to work. In my first whole 30, I noticed during the 2nd week I woke up rested and energetic, but then it went back to normal. Normal is I sleep really well, falling asleep anywhere between 10-12pm and sleeping for 8-10 hours, and still not being able to wake up in the morning. 7 hours gives me some adrenaline which helps a ton and then coffee helps more, but I would really like to be well rested and naturally energetic...

Breakfast: 3 eggs, salsa, banana

Lunch: Shepherd's pie, sweet potato, half avacado

Pre WO snack - hardboiled egg

Post WO snack - sweet potato (followed closely by dinner...)

Dinner:Seasoned tilapia, mixed veggies

Snack - Half avacado

Ran 3 miles. It was tough, I was sore, but my time was better than two days ago. I ate my snack ~10 minutes before. I will try eating the snack 1/2 hour before next time. After working out, I ate the sweet potato while cooking my dinner. I did not have huge portions, but I got full very quickly. I could not finish the veggies, but I was worried about getting hungry later so I tried. After eating, I got a bit of an energy burst, so I thought I'd shower quickly and go out and run errands. But the shower killed my energy. Also I started feeling hungry (craving sweets?). I knew nuts or fruit would be a bad choice, but I was worried that I needed a bit more food. So I ate an avacado, and I vegged for an hour before going to bed at 10. I ended up reading/thinking and didn't sleep until 12.

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Day 4 (March 15, 2013)

Slept lightly with anxious dreaming/waking. Remembered some dreams. 6 hours. I was tired in the morning, but it's easier to wake up on fewer hours of sleep because i have adrenaline or something. I did not wake up hungry, which is unusual for me. Muscle soreness greatly decreased from yesterday.

Breakfast: 3 eggs, spinach, salsa, banana

Lunch: Shepherd's pie w/Cauliflower mashed potatoes, half avacado, sweet potato with salsa



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