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Just looking for a bit of sympathy, I guess!


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Good morning--

I'm on day 28 of my first Whole 30. Period is late (been having lots of fun issues with that over the last year, so no big worries), and I've been sick with a heck of a sore throat for a week. Not feeling very energetic at all, and not sleeping very well because my throat hurts so much. :/

I guess i'm just looking for a shoulder to cry on, since I can't drown my sorrows in chocolate (or even my favorite lemon tea--dang soy!).

Planning on heading straight into another W30 after this one, because I'd really like to see what my period looks like after a month of eating right (I actually started this W30 on day 2 of my cycle).

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You are doing good and keep it up! You will come through this!

Try looking for other comforts....movie marathon of your favorite movies, test out new teas to replace the old one, maybe get a manicure or pedicure. I think it's an important part of the whole30 process to learn new ways to treat yourself with other than food.

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Keep going! I totally understand. There is a lot more grieving to this than meets the eye at first. It's such a deep learning process. It does start with food, though, that's clear, and that's the gift we get with this. You go ahead and cry and get it out of your system. And remember, hot baths are your friend! And, way to go on Day 28! I will be there five days from now and greatly appreciating all these beacons ahead.

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Any advice on what to do for the sore throat? (mom of 3 here....I swear, I know how to take care of sick people!) I'm taking vitamin C, ibuprofen for the pain, and gargling. I just sneezed and thought I would pass out from the pain--I'm dying here (no fever, no congestion, just tons of pain).

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For the sore throat: black tea - hot and plain. Bigelow and Twinnings both make varieties that are soy-free.

And my favorite indulgence when I'm feeling down is letting myself have an hour to just curl up with a good book in front of the fire (or somewhere outside if you are in the southern hemisphere!).

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