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Just started Monday

Carolyn Cornett Hobbs

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I just started Whole30 Monday. I have been reading all about it for about 2 months and finally decided to dive in and do it. My body has just not been funtioning right in the last year or so. I was thinking it was because I was getting older and over weight but since September I have lost 30 pounds and have started kickboxing...which I just LOVE...and I still am having problems. So...here I go I am going to do this right, no slip ups or cheats...I need my body to work better!!

Been just reading ya'lls post but decided to sign up. Tom Denham...Your recipes look so good and I already made one, Shrimp and Cabbaage and bell pepper stir fry. Very good! Now I have the Slow cooker chicken Vindaloo In the slow cooker right now. So looking forward to this tonight! :D

I already warned my family that possibly tomorrow and Friday I will want to kill them...but my husband said he is going to send me to the library! LOL I would rather go shopping...poor cashiers!

Looking forward to learning more from all of you and feeling better!

Carolyn :)

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