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My Whole9 90 Day Success - It's Not Always All About the Numbers

Coach Deb P

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I recently completed a Whole9 90 Day Challenge and wanted to share my story with those of you who might get caught in a Paleo Challenge at your CrossFit Box like I did. I did not win my Paleo Challenge and for s short period of time, I almost lost sight of what the whole point of the challenge was.

To change my life.

First - I have to say that the Whole9 Program truly changed my life for the better. But, because I didn't get all the results that I expected from the challenge (my body fat didn't really change and is still very high) I had a complete emotional melt down.

I'l admit that at first my comparative results completely devastated me. But through some prayer and deeper introspection into my core values I was able to work through the emotions and disappointment to find all of the ways I did succeed.

Ultimately, I came out on top, and I declared myself a winner. Thankfully, I came through on top and better for it, and numbers can be your friend or your enemy if you decide to give them power.

I took my power back. It's not always about the numbers and that's the most important lesson of all.

If you'd like to read my story please visit: http://www.painfreeposturemn.com/BLOG/bid/142525/Is-it-All-About-the-Numbers-My-CrossFit-Whole9-90-Day-Challenge

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