Book: It Starts With Food - Available in Other Languages?


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Good afternoon,

Does your book come in any other languages aside from English? I have several family members who live in Mexico for whom I would like to recommend/purchase the book. Just wondering if there is a Spanish version.

As I am sure you are aware, Mexico is dealing with a frightening obesity epidemic and, unfortunately, they are being sold the same diet of processed foods and fast food. Establishments marketing "foods without brakes" are popping up on every corner all over the country. Giant grocery conglomerates are, in fact, pushing out the small local farmers and the local mercados that have sold fresh, local ingredients for centuries.

There is a local foods movement starting and I would love for my family to get their hands on this life changing book!

Any chance?

Thank you!


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Same with me! I live in Chile, and my husband and friends don't speak much English. And the situation here is the same as you describe about Mexico. I'm thinking about translating some of the material, starting with the basic PDFs. What about sending whatever we translated to Melissa and Dallas and posting it here too, so that it becomes available for others?

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The book isn't but the program is described here

in spanish!  Send that link to your family.  I started program just by reading that and looking up whole30 recipes.  I didn't get the book until 3 days after I began, but I didn't have to change anything due to my research.  I'm sure there's plenty out there on the world wide web in spanish regarding this program!  Hope that helps :) 

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