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#3 Whole 30, maybe longer...


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Ugh. The Whole 30's have been good to me, but off the Whole 30 I am really struggling. After my 2nd Whole 30 (which was actually a whole 40) I felt great and my clothes fit great. After falling back into my old eating habits the last 40 days my sleep has been poor, my skin is breaking out, my stress levels are through the roof, and today I had a Dr's appointment and was dismayed to find that I had gained back all the weight I lost. I knew my clothes were getting tight but I didn't think things were that bad.

So tomorrow is prep day and then Saturday I am starting my third Whole 30. This will also be in conjunction with the 21 Day Perfect Health Meditation Challenge. With this Whole 30 I would like to focus on how I can really extend this into long term health, find a balance.

My weakness is still dairy. I think I am in denial about it, because I love cheese.

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