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Distilled white vinegar?


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hello, lovelies!

So this is day 10 for me of my W36 (stupid ham waylaid me) and I made cucumber salad for lunch, with EVOO and white distilled vinegar.

I saw this on the guidelines page about vinegar: "Vinegar. Most forms of vinegar, including white, balsamic, apple cider, red wine, and rice, are allowed during your Whole30 program. The only exceptions are vinegars with added sugar, or malt vinegar, which generally contains gluten."

But in my vinegar ingredients, it mentions that the vinegar was made with grain. So....is it ok to have? So confused!

Thanks in advance!!!

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Thanks everyone! I thought something was fishy when I saw white vinegar was made with grains. A real eye opener...I never took the time to think about what vinegar was actually MADE of, and I certainly didn't think it would be grain or corn!

Thank you!

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