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Thx w30! I'm pooping like a BOSS.


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It has been 47 days since I began, and even though I have yet to complete a whole w30- I am proud to say I have not intentionally eaten off plan once. While losing weight is always something I appreciate, I don't really NEED to. I'll never be rail thin with razorblade hipbones, and thankfully, I've finally stopped even wanting that. My real, #1 goal since I started learning about gut integrity a couple of years ago has been OPTIMAL DIGESTION. I am basing my definition of optimal off of the Bristol Stool Chart as well as what Jordan & Steve over at Speific Carb Diet say is optimal- #4 on the Bristol Chart, 3 times a day, after each meal.

I am so happy, that thanks to W30, I have

reached the first day of optimal digestion

yesterday! Granted, it took following the IBS

protocol for about 10 days to get there- but I

know that all my research and changes I have

made have paid off in a tangible way. Not only

do I follow the IBS protocol, I am very cautious

with the balance of insoluble to soluble fiber in

my diet. And while the knowledge I use has come from various sources, the thing I can 100% credit to Dallas & Melissa is W30 CHANGED MY RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD IN SUCH A PROFOUND WAY AS TO MAKE A MORE STRICT ELIMINATION DIET SUSTAINABLE OVER A LONG PERIOD. Besides all of sciency stuff I learned in the book, the social support of The Forum is what really sealed the deal.

Thanks Dallas & Melissa, all the Moderaters and users of this forum for a gift of longevity and well being.

Peace, Luv n other good $&@*


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