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Fructose malabsorption and fear of the fat!

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I was diagnosed with fructose malabsorption about 5 years ago and have been following the low FODMAPS diets with varying strictness since and while at times the general gist of my diet has been whole30 it's always included more low fructose fruits and some sugar, dairy alternatives like soy and almond milk and I've never kicked my dark chocolate habit - this has been the one thing to keep me sane through this nightmare. I also dont eat many grains anyway but rely on rice esp when eating out. we eat a lot of asian... I also have a very active social life (think 10 weddings in the last 3 months not including hens, engagements, 30ths etc) and love a champers or few... The thing is veggies often pose the greatest problem for me as they are so unpredictable due to quantity sizes and what combinations of foods I've eaten over that week. IMPOSSIBLE to keep track of given that there is still a lot of information missing and my condition is so individual as to what quantities you can personally tolerate - its like Russian roulette!!

I'm 29, female, 5'8 and 140lb. I'm a park ranger and am very health conscious (minus the alcohol) and a quite active - just stared Bikram yoga but prior did a 12 week body transformation. I've lost 8kg in the last 4 months and have a couple more kgs to go ( which aren't budging). It's was on a low fat, fairly low carb plan, with lots of lean meats, fruit, salads and veg, low fat dairy and small amounts of avocado/nuts, green protein smoothies.

Due to the last 3 months of intense social occasions, where I generally am super good all week and then let the reins go on these weekends, my tummy has gradually gotten worse and my sleep has been horrendous for the past year or so. I wear a bodymedia fit device and I generally burn between 2500-3000 cals a day (just with work and sometimes a bikram class) and between 2000-2500 on weekends plus average between 4.5-6hrs sleep a night as I'm just so restless.

My life seems to be this seesaw between being super strict with diet until tummy feels good, then I let the reins go cos things are good and it's a gradual slide until I feel bloated, gassy, cranky and lethargic all the time and know its time to reset my parameters again. Which brings me here. Although I have still 3 weddings and a few other red flag events over the next 2 months I don't feel I can wait to do something about this as I feel fat, bloated, gassy and my sleep is worse than ever.

But... I'm actually a bit scared of this program. Although I've been following very similar versions for a long time I'm fat phobic and a calorie counter. I used to be anti scales until 10kg crept on and so have been using MFP and very regular weigh ins which has seen me lose the weight. The program I followed on the 12 week transformation was 1200cals which I was never able to stick to as I was so tired and cranky and not recovering from the intense workouts, so it was more like 1400cals ( with the odd alcohol/food binge at events). I've read half of 'it starts with food' and lots on the forums about fat and eating lots of eggs and not counting calories etc but I'm terrified that if I suddenly start eating 3 whole eggs a day, plus doubling my avocado intake (currently have 1/4 at 1-2 meals) and using more coconut oil ill balloon out... I crave sweets a lot and so cutting the stevia is gonna be tough too as we'll as the chocolate and alcohol. Wow I sound like such a whinger!!! These are all just excuses I know. But the not counting calories and adding so much fat scares me a lot... I don't want to put on the weight I've just fought so hard to lose!

I also realise that my relationship with food is not good... I am an emotional eater and think about food constantly! So I guess cutting the sugar and 'treats' will cut that food as reward connection. But as I've relayed on food as my crutch for so long I guess I'm terrified to give it up, as in the past every other 'diet' I've tried still has that sweet treat, grain free/dairy free/'sugar' free alternative on the real thing and maybe I'm just scared of the boredom. ESP when my partner is a sugar monster so will be eating it in front of me.

Anyway this is very long and I think I've answered a lot of my own fears here but the biggest is the fat/calorie increase and some assurance I won't turn into a blimp over 30days with out monitoring it. I don't want this to be the focus but I can't seem to let it go... Any suggestions or stories of reassurance would be great!


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I understand why you're scared. I was worried about adding fat to my diet too. I started Jan 2, and I have not gained any weight (I'm 5'5" and 135 lbs). I use coconut oil for all my cooking, add olive oil to steamed vegetables twice a day, eat olives almost every day and indulge in nuts and coconut flakes as well (too much...I was actually hoping to lose 5 pounds, so I'm officially off nuts as I tend to overeat them). I feel like I'm eating a LOT more food than I used to, with only positive side effects. It looks like you have some issues with food to resolve (as many of us do). Maybe the best thing for you is to get all the way through ISWF first of all; then just try to trust in the program and if it's easier to think about, approach it as if "it's only 30 days." I suspect it won't be just 30 days for you because you'll feel so much better on this diet! Just focus on getting through 30 days of following the rules, and evaluate how you will continue at that point. That's my advice. :)

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It does seem as though this is a trust issue. It is also about breaking old habits. If you can convince yourself that it is worth trying this for 30 days - knowing that there are reasons not to step on the scale during this time and know that calorie counting could really ruin it - you may see success like you have never seen. Feeling healthier and more satisfied at the same time is a gift I am so grateful to have given myself.

I recommend these Whole9 links as you ponder these questions:



Best of luck as you consider this transition. You'll get a lot of support here!

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Here's the thing with those 12WBT - they mess with your head! You're told repeatedly to eat only 1200cals, even though you're supposed to burn a minimum of 500cals in exercise 6 days a week. And you're told if you eat more than 1200 cals, not only will you not lose weight, but that you're therefore a quitter.

You have a built in reason to ask for special meals at these weddings/hens/engagement parties you're going to - it will make you ill if you don't. I'm hoping these weddings are for friends, in which case they aren't going to want to make you sick, so they'll be happy to order a special meal for you. And missing a few glasses of wines isn't going to be the end of the world or make you become a hermit.

And once you remind yourself how delicious fat is after all this time, you won't be so worried about the chance of gaining weight!

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This is really about trusting this plan and trusting the template as it is found in ISWF. Really. Trust.

I have been on many diets, low carb, low fat, weight watchers you name it. I would lose weight then gain it all back and then some. And everytime I would lose weight I would look better but would always be hungry and unhappy and tired.

I did not start this program to lose weight (although I needed to - badly - 5'9" 255lbs (approx. 113kgs)) I had a handful of health problems that I was sick of dealing with. But at the begining of my now 3rd whole 30 I was down 27lbs. This is so great because I plan on sticking to this type of eating for the rest of my life.

I used to measure my fats - I did not want to add anymore than what the plan called for. I have since experimented with it. And I do good on about 1 - 2tbsp of recomended fat per meal.

This plan does not do well low fat. You have to get your energy from somewhere that isn't sugar. Fat is what it is. And trust me, you body runs so much better on fat. This is coming from a former baking, sweet, chocolate, ice cream every day type of person.

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