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so i just started the plan today. last nights dinner was compliant as well to give me a jump start but i was pretty hungry last night after dinner - i have a huge huge huge sugar dragon. super sweet tooth.

I ate breakfast this morning and now it's almost 11 am and I am starving, my stomach hurts and I just feel out of it. I mean it's been 1 (2 really) meals in. Is this just mental?

I am typically grabbing something on the go for breakfast like a peanut butter cereal bar or a banana for when I'm driving into work and then maybe would have a yogurt or oatmeal for when I get to my desk at work to eat. I get hungry for lunch but not like I'm feeling now.

this morning I made an egg frittata (probably 2 eggs - made a 4 egg one and split it with my husband) made with two different kinds of peppers and onions. made with a little ghee in the pan beforehand. then had a little dish of frozen mixed berries with almond slivers.

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I have only been at this for one week, first time on whole 30, so I can only go by my experience. I too felt hungry at first but made a point to try to drink water to see if I was just thirsty. What I really liked was the feeling of being hungry, eating and knowing when I was full. I have never been good at judging my hunger and when to stop but this time I am happy to say Im doing it! I'm learning to pay attention to my body. If you feel hungry drink first and if you are still hungry eat a little of something good. Make sure you are eating enough protien for your meals cause that is what helps you feel less hungry in between meals. I know that the plan say try not to snack but I have had to snack at least once during the day.

Try to listen to your body and just make sure what you eat is only something on the list of foods.

Good luck!


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