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Make-up, is this the right place to post this?

Kim's Lil'Sister

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Hi, If I've posted this in the wrong place forgive me. I VERY new to forums. In fact, this is my second post, EVER.

If this is not an appropriate topic, let me know and I'll delete it. I just figured that there are probably a lot of like-minded women here so, what better place to ask?

I'm looking to change my make-up products to all natural, really natural lines. I'll likely end up making my own blush and bronzer, maybe, but I'm looking for a sheer-ish, light coverage foundation without sunscreen.

Does anyone have any products or product lines they love that are all natural?



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I actually kind of like this subject. I don't know that the log section is a good place for it but a mod can always move it. I was just looking at my makeup today and was thinking I want to get away from such a commercial product. Hopefully others will chime in with some ideas. :)

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