CraftyCarnivore's Whole50 (March 17-May 5)


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Day 41/50


chicken sausages


baby carrots/baba ghannouj



Either a WF salad or chipotle



I now realize I should have cooked up some more meat so I wouldn't be going out to eat so much this week.

This weekend's cook-up:

Carnitas (basically making the same marinade as the chicken from the chicken tostadas rancheros)

Roasted chicken (Sunday dinner)

baked sweet potatos

HM mayo

Definitely a frittata - I'll stop talking about it and actually MAKE it. :)

Curry Meatballs (Eating for Idiots)

I want to clean out the fridge before we go on vacation May 6. I'm going to ride my own bike in Disney and come back to do another W-? starting May 20.

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Day 44/50

I'm giving serious thought to ending my Whole50 a few days early. I do not want to experience a horrible re-intro in Disney, and I expect to remain "as compliant as possible" next week. Thoughts?

Anyway, today's plan:


L/o roasted chicken breast

1/2 avocado

carrot sticks


Sushi - Probably sashimi, but may have some rice. Staying away from the appetizers. :^)


Cauliflower soup

Johnny M's Coconut Curry Beef & Lamb Meatballs

over Zoodles

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I'd say finish earlier. These several days are so not worth ruined vacations. Just be super smart about it and do it properly. What are the food groups you will have troubles avoiding? What food groups you will just want to indulge? Answer these questions and plan timing. Good luck.

Oh I've been planning on making those meatballs too, can't wait for your intake.

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Oh, Nadia, make the meatballs. I "intaked" last night as I was cooking. ;) They are amazing, and that sauce is ridiculous. I pulled some out of the meatball pot to serve over eggs/veggies later this week. My adaptations (which I should post with the recipe): didn't have fish sauce, so I used coconut aminos; used 1 full can of Muir Glen FR tomatoes, a small can of tomato sauce, and a full can of tomato paste; 2 Tbsp of curry in the sauce. The curry is not at all overpowering. I also used 1 pound each of ground beef and lamb. (I think the original recipe calls for 2 pounds of beef and a pound of lamb, or vice-versa). I didn't make any adjustments to the spices, even with less meat than the recipe called for.

Reintro: My biggest concerns (in order) are dairy and soy. Gluten - I know it makes me puffy, but I don't get the horrible side effects after I eat gluten that others have. My issues have more to do with my HS acting up, and from what I've read, dairy is the biggest culprit. I do want me some sushi, though.

After we get back, I'm planning to do another Whole30+, and then remain on the "Whole-Life, except when it's worth it" principle.

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I feel like your Whole keeps growing and growing. Ha! I love it.

I think Nomnom has both Molly Stevens' and Alice Waters' braised cabbage. I think I made the Molly Stevens a few years ago and really liked it. Need to try them both again. And also those meatballs! I have a bunch of meat in the fridge I need to cook up STAT.

Thanks for the ideas guys.

Disney sounds like a real challenge. Although, I guess one plus is that the food is supposedly so expensive there. :) As for sushi, I used to eat sashimi and stopped for some reason. And then I got into the junkier types of sushi like rolls with spicy sauces and tempura flakes. NEed to get back to the basics.

I have thought about making plantain crackers a la Paleo Mom for my kids but I can imagine myself eating the whole tray standing over a hot cookie sheet.

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Well, I am no longer master of my domain.

I went for sushi. I had the "Sashimi Dinner", which was 10 pieces of sashimi, and a spicy tuna roll, which I asked for no rice. They had to put *some* rice in it to roll it, so I was ok with that, but there was very little tuna in there. It was all served over a GIANT plate of daikon. I had a bowl of miso soup as an app, and didn't use soy sauce. They served like four lettuce leaves with some ginger dressing (normally, I love that stuff, but it was so icky sweet.) And I'm still hungry, so I came back and had some cauliflower soup with the other half of my chicken breast in it.

I think once you get used to "the template", your body wants the template. There was not nearly enough fat in that meal, and I don't feel like the adaptations I made to keep things "healthier" really helped. I left feeling unsatisfied and like I'd let myself down for off-roading so early. Staying compliant for the rest of the week, but I will say I had a successful 43.33 days. Not too shabby.

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First it fights the template, then it wants it


And you didn't let yourself down at all, CC! Focus on what you did accomplish. You made a ton of wonderful food and fully embraced the W30 as a lifestyle change. You inspired me and others with your meal choices. You did it for 43.33 days. Bravo! Don't get down on yourself bc of a little sushi.

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