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My First Whole 30--starting March 19!


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My name is Kim and I'm kicking off my first Whole 30 today. I just finished ISWF, did my shopping last night and plan to do some prep work this afternoon after work.

I have watched a few extra pounds creep on every year. Watching calories and working out only manage to take off a couple pounds. On top of that I have increasing joint pain, sinus issues as a result of environmental allergies, and just a sluggish feeling.

I'm looking forward to an increasingly healthy lifestyle as I break the sugar/carb hold.

So far today I've managed to drink my coffee black (which Is. Not. Hard. LOL) and had an onion, mushroom, egg scramble for breakfast. I'm not an egg lover, but adding the veggies helped. We have our own chickens, so clean eggs are easy to come by here! Snacking is my nemesis.

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