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'American Food' for International Feast? Need ideas.


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I'm at a loss. My daughter goes to an International School (we are expats in Moscow) and the school will be hosting an International day at the end of May. We are asked to contribute some food item/dish for the feast. Something that represents our country.

We eat everything: mexican, indian, thai, ethiopian. The only think I can think of that is 'American' is peanut butter (which I will not send in because I have no idea if there are allergies at school, and we don't eat it at home) and processed junk (which we have never had in our house).

I was thinking maybe a berry rainbow with blueberries, strawberries, and then something white? No idea.

I would appreciate any suggestions.



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Obviously if you're doing a Whole30 food you'd have to variate these but first things that come to mind are apple pie, maybe some kind of barbecue? You could make a compliant sauce and put it basically on anything.

Found this for you


good luck!

Let me know what you take!

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I was trying to think of regional foods and thought of chowder, gumbo, meatloaf, chili, fajitas, and tacos. Maybe a modification of one of these would work. I'm thinking chili without beans. I also thought of chicken soup. Maybe chicken soup using cauliflower rice.

Wow, that is tough! I haven't been out of the country for a while, but you may try to think of things that you have missed since you have been gone, if there are any. I hope you get some great ideas.

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Hmmm, apple pie is not on the Whole30, but here are some other classic american ideas that you could try:

Chili is very American! I don't know how you could get the Chili powder over there, but if you can get some Gebhardts Chili powder and some cumin that would be an easy thing to make for a crowd.


I make a variation of this one:


Deviled eggs are very American, inexpensive, and convenient for a party. I mix the egg yolks with home-made mayo and a touch of mustard, salt, and pepper. You can make it look pretty with a decorating bag then and sprinkle paprika on top.

Meat loaf is a classic American meal that may be easy enough to make where you are, considering that it is similar to Russian ground meat cutlets, but in a loaf pan.

If you weren't on the Whole30, I would suggest potato salad. If you can find a large turkey there to roast that would be good with a sweet potato casserole. Again, I am not sure what they have there in Moscow.

Good luck!

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I packed my husband ants on a log in his lunch the other day and he and all his work mates loved them (if all nut butters aren't out).

Some sort of Tex Mex dish maybe? While it's not strictly American they definitely don't have the same relationship ship with Mexican food here in the UK as we do in the States.

A lot of people consider hamburgers to be American food. Sweet potatoes are fairly American as well.

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Wow it makes me sad that the only American thing you can think of is peanut butter and processed food :( Makes me a little embarrassed about my country lol.

Anyway, most things I can think of are not whole30 (NE clam chowder, cornbread, biscuits and gravy, shrimp and grits, mac and cheese, baked beans, fried chicken, po' boy, bagels, pumpkin pie, succotash, reuben, etc)

What about:

Cobb salad


Jerky (I forgot what Native Americans called it, but pretty classic American)

Fajitas (good Tex-mex, although the tortilla can be optional)



crabcakes (there are some whole30 approved recipes out there)

Manhattan style clam chowder


Basically anything BBQ- especially ribs

Turkey dinner- with cranberry and mashed potatoes

Green bean casserole

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Oh my!! You are all wonderful! I love these ideas. I think I am going to go with a beanless chili. I will be in the US next month and will pick up some Penzey's chili powder. I will send in some raw sour cream and raw cheese---my daughter likes that on her chili. And I too had thought of 'ants on a log' so I will do that too.

I haven't made many 'American' dishes since being here. We usually eat the freshest meat/seafood we can find and then prepare a couple vegetables to go with. Tastes great but it's not exciting.

Thank you all again. I appreciate it.


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