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March 18th Start - Jenn's Second Whole30 Log

jenn fengels

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Six months after the success of my first W30 (last October), here I am on Day 3 --- with a major case of the grumps! The saving grace here is that I kind of know what to expect and in some ways, it's already feeling a little easier to cope.

Goals? I'm not sure. I lost all of the weight I wanted to in the first round, so that's not very important to me this time. I would, however, like to see and feel the stomach bloat disappear. Should this come with some more weight loss? Fine by me.

I hope this time I'm able to tap into my increased energy levels and use that to improve my athletic performance. I am no athlete, but I have picked up running recently and have signed up for a 10km race to take place the day after the conclusion of this W30. Curious to see how this goes.

During my first W30 I would easily give in to snacking between meal times, although I do recall this improved about half way through. Therefore, I'd like to put forth more effort on getting everything I need out of 3 balanced meals thus limiting the desire to snack.

Here goes!

Day 1

Meal 1 - Scrambled eggs with red bell pepper, mushrooms, TJ's hot sauce, avocado, handful of strawberries/blueberries, black coffee

Meal 2 - Roasted chicken, raw carrots, bell peppers, baba ganoush, curried cream of broccoli soup

Snack - 1/2 apple with coconut/cashew/almond butter

Meal 3 - Chicken lettuce wraps with mango salsa and southwestern cumin lime sauce

Snack - Handful of almonds

Day 2

Meal 1 - Prosciutto egg muffins 2x, strawberries/blueberries, black coffee

Meal 2 - Leftover lettuce wraps, curried cream of broccoli soup

PWO Snack - apple with nut butter

Meal 3 - Steak, roasted butternut squash, sauteed asparagus

Snack - 2 giant strawberries, handful of almonds

A few observations of these first couple of days -- I recognize the snacking issue already and trying to approach it with the attitude of getting back into the swing of things/survival mode. I'm consciously aware of it and as I stated in my goals, this is something I want to limit. I realize especially that the after dinner snack is absolutely unnecessary.

I also note that I need to have some veggies with meal 1. I have little time to prepare in the mornings during the week, so my plan for tomorrow is to prepare meal 1 tonight so that all I have to do is reheat in the morning.

Moving on!

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Hey Jenn, good on you for doing it again! I'm midway through my first and made some mistakes at first and just yesterday I came across someone else kinda doing the same thing and now you. I totally would think an apple with nut butter is a great snack but apparently according to the W30 template it's not such a good one. Here's what Tom (a moderator) wrote on the post I was following yesterday. Hope it helps you! He totally helped me when I goofed early on. This is specific to pre/popst w/o snacks but applies to snacks in general as well I believe.

"The food you eat before a workout is supposed to send a signal to your body to release energy, so the Whole9 recommends some protein and fat. Something like a boiled egg or two, some nuts, etc. An orange is not a good signal food and the fiber from fruit can be an issue.

After a workout, your body needs lean protein. Adding fat to the post-workout meal slows digestion, keeping your muscles from eating as fast as would be good, so it would be good to skip the mayo with a post-workout meal."

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Hi Evelyn! Thanks for the tips! Normally I would have some chicken breast and raw veg (carrots/celery/bell pepper) on hand for my PWO snacks, but alas that was not the case the other day and I grabbed whatever I could find. Hence the reason they say preparation is key! While I know the apple and nut butter was not the best PWO snack, it is/was still compliant. Will get another workout in this eve, and this time will be armed and ready with some lean protein PWO.

How are you feeling midway through? What has been the most challenging aspects so far?

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Day 3

Meal 1 - 2x eggs, 3x bacon, blueberries, black coffee

Meal 2 - Left over steak, asparagus, roasted butternut squash

Snack - Grapefruit, apple chips, handful macadamia nuts

Meal 3 - Tuna braised in olive oil, garlic and lemon green beans, green salad with 1/4 avocado, cherry toms and citrus vinaigrette, roasted sweet potato

Woke up feeling awful (yesterday -- my day 3). Headache and super grumpy. Kind of like having a hangover.

Pleased that I didn't snack after meal 3 last night, as much as I wanted to. Not pleased with my afternoon snack, nor with the lacking veg in meal 1.

One day at a time...

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Day 4

Meal 1 - Chicken sausage "morning mix," 2x eggs over easy, 1/4 avocado, cherry toms, black coffee

Meal 2 - Tuna salad on greens with cherry toms, 1/2 roasted sweet potato, dried pineapple, macadamia nuts

Meal 3 - Moroccan meatballs, zucchini noodles, curried cream of broccoli soup

I can't believe I made it through the day yesterday without snacking. Winning! It was no easy feat though. I think I was legitimately hungry, however, didn't like the snack options I had on hand (fruit and nuts), so I opted for hunger and grumpiness instead.

My lunch yesterday was not satisfying at all, which is why immediately after I ate lunch I also ate the dried pineapple and macadamias. Felt like I still needed something to top off. Perhaps I needed more fat in that meal? Thought the mayo in the tuna salad might have accounted for that...?

On another note, I got a decent nights sleep and woke up feeling better than I did the day before with slightly elevated energy level.

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Hey, I'm doing my 2nd whole30 (day 10) and it has taken me until today to start feeling human again. It seems to be harder to get the food balance right and I was not having enough fat/carbs with lunch at first.

Keep at it, you will hit your stride soon

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Day 5

Meal 1 - Chicken "morning mix sausage," 2x tarragon deviled eggs, 1/2 roasted sweet potato, garlic & lemon green beans

Meal 2 - Left over Moroccan meatballs and zucchini noodles, garlic & lemon green beans, mango, almonds

Meal 3 - Pistachios, lemon pepper chicken wings, a few bites of sweet potato puree

Today started out really good. My breakfast was awesome! Loved it (the deviled eggs especially)! I expected that I would want fruit with meal 1 or in between meal 1 and 2, but I stayed totally satisfied all the way until meal 2.

Meal 2, on the other hand, was not as satisfying. Thinking I needed more healthy fat in the meal. Some olives might have been a nice touch. In any case, this lead me to the mango, which wasn't catastrophic, but really trying to stay away from the fruit in general (and the nuts, for that matter).

Meal 3 -- um, yah. Not proud of it. Got home late, had to prepare the baby's dinner, then the bed time routine, etc., and by the time that was said and done it was 8pm and I was too tired to prepare anything for myself. The wings were delicious though!

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Day 6

Meal 1 - 2x eggs, 3x bacon, sweet potato, 1/2 avocado, 1/2 grapefruit, handful blueberries, 1x black coffee

PWO Snack - homemade larabar

Meal 2 - Turkey breast, 1/4 avocado, pistachios, apple

Snack - Pistachios, cherry pie larabar, 1x black coffee

Meal 3 - Pork chops, roasted brussel sprouts, fennel apple celery and carrot salad with apple cider vinaigrette

Snack - Chicken breast, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, olives

Today was not good!!! Started out great, but kinda went down hill from there. The reason (or excuse!) is that I was on the go most of the day and unprepared. Really ashamed that I ate 2x larabars today! And what about those pistachios??? Geeeeez. Good thing is that I finished off the bag and won't be buying another as it appears I have no control around them. I actually knew when I bought them that it probably wasn't a good idea. Good thing I bought the small bag and not the large one.

On a lighter note, I had a good 4 mile run around the lake, just over 40 minutes.

Tomorrow will be better!

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Day 7

Meal 1 - 3x chicken morning mix sausages, 2x eggs, blueberries, almonds, 2x black coffee

Meal 2/Snack? - handful of almonds, small bag apple chips

Meal 3 - Roasted brussel sprouts, cauliflower rice, sauteed spinach, lamb chops

Dessert - Spoonful of coconut butter

Not as great of a day as I had hoped, but proud that I made it through the first week. Found that I wasn't very hungry during the day, hence the lacking meal two (which was more of a snack).

Can't say that I'm feeling good so far. Here's to hoping that I'll be turning the corner this coming week!

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Ohhhh goodness......the last couple of days were awful as I have been sick with a stomach virus of sorts. Little to no appetite and have probably not been making the best food choices on my road to recovery. Nothing catastrophic. I'll do my best to recount the last couple days of consumption, but it's all a little foggy (and thank Heavens I'm on the mend!).

Day 8

Meal 1 - 2x eggs, 1x, leftover morning mix chicken sausage, sauteed mushroom and bell pepper in coconut oil, 1x apple and nut butter, 1x black coffee

Meal 2 - larabar (yep, that's it)

Meal 3 - "cobb salad" of sorts with tomato, carrot, red bell pepper, avocado, bacon, hard boiled egg, turkey and "ranch" dressing (ate very little of this meal, as tasty as it was)

Day 9

Meal 1 - A few slices turkey, 2x deviled eggs, blueberries, raspberries, black coffee

Meal 2 - coconut milk, mango, strawberry smoothie (i know, i know, but it really was the only thing I could stomach at the time, and even that didn't go over well)

Meal 3 - Chicken soup with carrot, celery and parsley (live saver!)

Feeling a lot better today (Day 10) even though Meal 1 today was not much to be desired. Lunch time is rolling around and unfortunately I'm unprepared. Been so weak the last couple of days, have made no time to prepare much of anything. Grrrrrr. The good news is that I did manage to prep my slow cooker this morning before I left for work and I'm so looking forward to walking in the door from work to a hot bowl of beef stew.

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Been awhile since I logged! I was on the road for a couple of days which turned out to be a real challenge, despite the fact that I was prepared (or at least thought I was prepared). I've determined that I think France is probably the least W30 friendly country to travel in! So difficult to find anything that didn't contain butter. In any case, I came prepared with 4 hard cooked eggs, 5 roasted chicken drum sticks, a roasted sweet potato, olives, an apple, an orange, 1 larabar and a small bag of almonds. I was almost completely out of food come day 2. I saved my larabar and nuts for "worst case senario" and ended up there at some point.

While I can't actually recount the meals I had on Day 10 - 14, I can at least acknowledge that I had more fruit, nuts and larabars than I would have liked. Not as many veggies as I would have liked. However, given the challenges that I faced I think I came out pretty clean. France is lovely and all, but I sure am glad to be back in my own kitchen!

I'm at the half way point and really trying to make these last 2 weeks better than the first 2. The first two weren't necessarily bad for my standards, but I think i could clean up on the fruit and nuts. One thing I noticed when looking back through my first W30 log is that the first time around I ate a lot of dried fruit. I'm pleased to say that i haven't done that much dried fruit this go, rather eating more whole fruit (though keeping within the 2 servings per day on most days).

In these next 2 weeks I want to 1) eat less eggs 2) eat more veggies 3) eat more fish 4) cut back on the nuts.

Will log my Day 15 meals once the day is complete. Going for my first run in over a week! Hope it goes well!

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Day 15

Meal 1 - Sweet potato fried in coconut oil, spinach braised in coconut milk, 1x hard cooked egg, 1x black coffee, 1/2 larabar

5 mile run

Meal 2 - Thinly sliced roast beef, 1x hard boiled egg, 1x apple, cashews

Meal 3 - Filet of beef, tomato basil salad, green beans, almonds

Snack - strawberries, apple chips

Felt pretty good on my run today! Was finally able to get to the grocery store today, so now I'm stocked up and ready for the week.

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Day 16

Meal 1 - Leftover steak, roasted sweet potato, green bean salad, 1x black coffee, almonds

Meal 2 - Chicken soup, raspberries, blueberries

Meal 3 - Asian "stir fry" with shrimp, carrot, broccoli, celery, bok choy, red bell peppers, roasted cashews

Snack - Berries, almonds

First day in over 2 weeks that I didn't eat an egg!

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Day 17

Meal 1 - 2x chicken "morning mix" sausages, 2x black coffee, grapefruit, almonds

Meal 2 - chicken salad with pecan and raisins on greens, green bean salad, 6x olives

Snack - berries

Meal 3 - Moroccan seasoned ground pork/beef mixture with pine nuts, raisins and olives, sauteed veggies, cauliflower couscous

Snack - Mango, raw mixed nuts

I think it's safe to say that I gave in to some sugar cravings and snacking yesterday :wacko:

Not really sure why I felt the need for sugar and snacking because I felt pretty satisfied after my meals, with the exception of meal 1. On a positive note, I've been sleeping really good for the past few days.

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Day 18

Meal 1 - larabar, 2x black coffee

Meal 1/2 - 3x chicken morning mix sausage, 2x hard boiled eggs, green bean salad

Snack - grapefruit, almonds

Meal 2 - Left over Moroccan mix with sauteed veggies, whole/raw coconut chunks, berries

Meal 3 - Lemon pepper chicken wings, roasted sweet potato, orange

Today was crazy! Got a late start on my morning and had no time to prepare breakfast at home. Luckily I had some goods stashed in the fridge at work, however, was SO busy when I got to work that I didn't have time to eat until 10:30. Needless to say, this is what prompted the larabar and 2 cups of coffee first thing in the morning. The day eventually got better as far as my meals were concerned, though I would have preferred to have more veg in my meal 3.

Been sleeping good and feeling good in general!

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Day 19

Meal 1 - 2x bacon, 2x eggs, berries, 1x black coffee

Meal 2 - Chicken salad on greens, hard cooked egg, green bean salad

Snack - grapefruit, almonds

Meal 3 - Chicken curry with sweet potato, carrot, broccoli, red bell pepper and zucchini, topped with cilantro and roasted cashews

No complaints!

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Day 20

Meal 1 - 3x bacon, 1x egg, 1x black coffee, berries and almonds

Meal 2 - Left over chicken curry

Snack - larabar, black coffee

Meal 3 - Roasted salmon, steamed broccoli, tomato salad

Snack - dried fruit and nuts

Not feeling that great about my meals today. I was low on groceries, which in my case results in breaking into my emergency stash of larabars and dried fruit/nuts. Good news is that there aren't many nuts or larabars left in my house, and when they're gone, they're gone. I've realized that I too easily fall back on them when I'm lazy and don't feel like going to the store to shop, coming home to cook and then cleaning up afterwards.

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Day 21

Meal 1 - 2x bacon, 2x eggs, 1/3 avocado, roasted sweet potato, a few berries, 1x black coffee

Meal 2 - larabar, green tea

Snack - mixed nuts, dried fruit

Meal 3 - Deconstructed burger with lettuce, tomato, mustard, mayo, TJ hot pepper sauce, avocado, bacon and a fried egg (SO GOOD!)

Can't get over how delicious my deconstructed burger was tonight! Can't wait to have that again. It tasted sinful! Totally hit the spot though and probably one of the most satisfying meals I've had in days.

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I had to stop keeping nuts in the house too. I never ate them before W30 and then found I couldn't stop. I also had to cut waaay back on fruit. I never had more than two pieces a day to start with and don't have any dried fruit, but found it made for an easy go-to snack over other foods. Now I only have fresh fruit maybe once a week when I go hiking. I read somewhere early on in my W30 that you could eat only compliant foods and still do the program wrong. I really understand that now. You mentioned in your first post that you were hoping lose some stomach bloat - I think you'll find skipping the nuts will help with this. By the way, could you link the recipe for your Moroccan meatballs?

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Hi Megan!

I probably am that person that is actually doing the program wrong, given the amount of nuts I've eaten in the past 20 days or so :( The odd thing is that I've never been big on eating nuts, dried fruit or even whole fruit for that matter. When I say "not big on it" I mean that I would only ever eat these things on occasion. I'm leaning towards the idea that it's a snacking issue rather than a sugar issue (then again I could be in denial about the sugar). I never really saw myself as a person having issues with sugar. Sure, I eat dessert after dinner, cake at birthday parties, chocolate, etc., occasionally and in moderation -- never on a daily basis. I suppose there are some weeks here and there that are worse than others, but in general I don't think I have sugar issues. Snacking, on the other hand....I confess I have issues with snacking. Still trying to determine if my snacking is a result of habit or true hunger. 75% of the time I go for a snack, I truly feel hungry. I blame this on the fact that I'm not doing my meals right (not enough fat, need more carb dense veg, etc.). Don't get me wrong though, I clearly do snack at times also when I'm not hungry :wacko:

I had good day today as far as my meals were concerned. I'm planning to carry on for a little longer (whole 35?) and hopefully I can finish these next 15 days or so eating more like I did today (sans nuts and dried fruit!).

I got the recipe for the Moroccan Meatballs from Melissa Joulwan's blog, The Clothes Make the Girl. Here's the link:


She has some other meatball recipes that sound awesome, too!

I also tried my own version of a Moroccan mix -- browned a minced beef/pork combo with some Moroccan spices, added some toasted pine nuts, raisins and green olives and served over sauteed veg and cauliflower "cous cous." It was tasty and really easy to throw together, although, I think I can officially say that I do not like cauliflower. I gave it two honest attempts and it just does not appeal to me at all. I might give it one more go, but I'm not in a hurry.

I've been feeling really uninspired in the veggie department these last few days. Like I'm stuck in a rut, making the same veggies over and over again. What are some of your go to veggie recipes?

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Day 22

Meal 1 - 3x pork Italian sausage patties, 2x eggs, 1x apple, 1x black coffee

Meal 2 - Green bean salad, chicken breast, 1/2 sweet potato

PWO Snack - Chicken breast, small plum, green tea

Snack (2 hrs later) - small peach

Meal 3 - Big green salad with carrot, celery, cherry tomato, 1/3 avocado, 5x green olives, mayo based dressing, 2x thin sliced veal filets with garlic mayo sauce

Today was a huge success in my opinion -- no nuts, no dried fruit! And even though I still have some laying around the house, I resisted the temptation. I would go as far as to say my day was "perfect" meal wise if it hadn't been for the small peach I had before dinner. I knew I needed something to hold me over since my dinner was delayed 2 hrs later than expected, and the peach seemed like the best choice. I'm aiming for no more than 2 pieces of whole fruit per day, and that little peach put me at the 3 pieces. The only saving grace is that both the plum and the peach were small-ish, both only slightly bigger than a golf ball. Whatevs.

Fitness wise -- I ran 8.85kms yesterday and another 8kms today. Planning to lift some weight tomorrow. Come at me, bro!

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Day 23

Meal 1 - 2x eggs, 3x pork Italian sausage patties, 1/2 sweet potato fried in ghee, strawberries, blueberries, 1x black coffee

Meal 2 - green salad with cherry toms, carrots and lemon/mayo dressing, green beans tossed with olive oil and white vinegar, 1x deviled egg, 1x thin slice veal filet, 1 cup coconut butternut squash soup

Meal 3 - 1x thin sliced turkey breast, 1/2 sweet potato fried in ghee, spinach salad topped with 1/3 avocado, tomato, salt, pepper and a squeeze of lemon, 3x large strawberries

Snack - small plum

Really pleased with my meals today. Everything was very satisfying and I didn't feel hungry in between meals. I feel like I had a good balance of fat, carb, protein and hopefully I'm "getting the hang of it." Shame it's taken me over 20 days to get here. I ate my meal 3 really early (at 5:15pm) because I had an event to go to in the evening. Had a feeling I would end up hungry at some point in the night (which I was at 9:30pm), and thankfully had the plum stashed in my handbag. Granted that made 3 servings of fruit yesterday, I'm still pretty proud of the fact that nuts and dried fruit were no where to be seen. And btw, that spinach, avocado, salt/pepper and lemon juice combo is my new go to. So simple, so clean and so so good!

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Day 24

Meal 1 - 2x eggs, 1x turkey breast filet, 1/3 avocado, 1/2 sweet potato, 1x black coffee

Meal 2 - 1x turkey breast filet, spinach salad with 1/3 avocado, salt/pepper and lemon juice, 1x deviled egg, green bean salad, 1x cup coconut butternut squash soup

Snack - plum, ginger tea

Meal 3 - Green salad with cherry tomatoes and garlic/lemon/mayo dressing, 2x roasted lemon pepper chicken legs, 1x mango

Another good day down in books! Except that I feel like I'm getting a sore throat :( I'm really bummed about this because I'm in a really good place with my running pace/distance and have really been looking forward to race day on April 20. I fear that whatever is going on with my throat is going to set me back. I'm drinking a ton of water and tea, hoping I can overcome whatever is happening or worst case recover from it quickly enough so that I'm feeling awesome when race day rolls around.

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Day 25

Meal 1 - beef bone broth, 1/2 carrot, 1/2 avocado, 1x orange, 1x green tea, 1x coffee

Meal 2 - Green bean salad, 1x turkey breast filet, 1/2 avocado, 6x olives, 1 pear

Snack - almonds (just a few, really), 1x green tea

Meal 3 - Slow cooker pork shoulder, roasted broccoli, 1/2 sweet potato, 1 plum

Throat really sore this morning. Started to improve as the day went on, thank goodness. Didn't feel very content with my meals yesterday. Out of groceries, need to shop and prep. No time.

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