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Respiratory allergies -- mucus TMI!

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I have respiratory allergies and am on a nasal spray for it. I am also recovering from a vocal injury. (I'm a singer, and after having a viral infection and laryngitis last year, my vocal cords started bowing. They're currently 50% better after 3 months of coaching.) I use a neti pot to irrigate my sinuses often after the advice of my ENT doctor to benefit both issues.

I'm now on Day 1 of my official W30, but I've been eating pretty close to that for the past couple weeks, and Day 0 was completely compliant. Normally when I irrigate my sinuses, clear mucus comes out, unless I have a cold, in which case yellow mucus comes out, and a lot of it. Well, for the past several days, including today, when I irrigate my sinuses, I get tons of yellow mucus coming out, but I don't feel sick at all! And the rest of the day, I don't have to blow my nose or anything.

I'm wondering if perhaps my body is tired from the change in diet, or if perhaps my body is supercharged already from the food and is fighting off an infection without descending into full blown symptoms outside of my nose. Or (and I hope it's not this) maybe I'm sensitive to something I'm eating and this is an allergic thing?

Anyone else experienced this?

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