without the luv, they'd just be handles...Moluv 30 Days Pic


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I'm a habitual restarter. I love the w30 so much, I never wanted it to end, so I found plenty of little reasons to call a restart. So TECHNICALLY speaking, I'm on day 10 of what will be a lengthy IBS protocol- which I couldn't be more thrilled about. In actuality, I have been 99.5% W30 compliant since the end of January. One of my restarts was a month ago and my best friend Ellie started with me. We took before pictures and started the emails. I'm still going strong on the IBSP, not going to reintroduce anything (I already know the answer to all of that), not going to go off plan, but I'm also not going to miss this fine opportunity to celebrate my success thus far. I took a day 31 pic today, and the change is subtle but I can SEE IT!!! I haven't lost any more weight, in fact I gained a pound but look closely at the picture and tell me you can see my love handles have smoothed out! squeeeeeeeee!!! Less lumps, but all the ladyhumps. Yes, I'll take those results anyday!!!


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