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No-fuss CHICKEN patties???

Reyna Brown

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I'm always making mini versions of what I eat for my two small boys. They're little and have little hands so it's fun for them. I.E. mini grass-fed beef lettuce cups, mini meatballs/meatloaves, frittata aka breakfast pizza, kale in "cheese sauce" which is actually raw cashew cream sauce made with coconut milk in my vitamix etc. My question is, they aren't big on salmon so I was wondering if I could use organic ground chicken instead? Maybe make them a bit smaller? Not trying to paleo-fy anything just trying to get everyone to eat dinner lol They already LOVE vegetables so we'd have roasted broccoli with EVOO with it and possibly some of the paleo ranch from ISWF. Thanks in advance! I'm having fun experimenting on this journey (Day 12) and its such a victory seeing my kids and husband gobble up the goodness. :)

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