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Wondering about hormones....


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Hi There,

I am presently on my 3rd whole 30 - Day 21. And it seems that hormones are running amuck. I have experienced the shortest cycle to date (18 days) and just am finishing up a 4 day + migraine. (I think it's breaking up - at least I hope it is) I have been migraine free for pretty much 2 months (thank you whole 30) so this was somewhat of a surprise.

My previous whole 30 experiences with regards to hormones, menstrual cycle, and PMS have been fantastic (little to no PMS, bloating, cramps or the like - I used to have all of them severely)

So I have a couple of questions here

1) January and February (especially February) have been off roading months (70% paleo/30% non compliant) - is it possible what I ate back in January is effecting my hormones now?

2) Is it possible (I am a little hopeful here) that this could be an extinction burst from my hormones - giving me a really hard time one last time before they completely even out?

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Carlaccini -

I am probably the least sciency of all the moderators, but I can chime in with a little personal experience.

I don't know about you, but most of my offroading comes in the form of sugar. Not gluten, not dairy, just sugar. And I KNOW it plays havoc with my hormones. I can see it, feel it. etc. I would guess, just based on that, that if you had a lot of sugar during your off-road times, it could be playing with you in the ways you're experiencing.

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Unfortunately, there's no such thing as extinction burst with hormones. I think you're thinking of yeast or bad gut bacteria. Hormones always exist in your system - they never extinct - but they fluctuate throughout the month cyclically.

Yes, it's possible that some off-roading set you back. Even a few days/weeks of something that your body doesn't like can mess with your cycle. If you did some serious off-roading at the start of your cycle, it may affect you all the way through. The hormones that dictate your cycle work in relation to each together - one level rises when another one falls. It's a chain reaction. So, if something sets of that chain reaction in a different way earlier on in your cycle, it has the potential to continue to throw off the chain reaction at the end of your cycle and even into your next one. Hormones are complex little buggers.

Keep in mind that your body NEEDS more energy in the week or so prior to your period, so don't be shy about getting some more good carbs in during that time.

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"Keep in mind that your body NEEDS more energy in the week or so prior to your period, so don't be shy about getting some more good carbs in during that time. "

Ooh, good to know. Doing some research now trying to prep for my first week of PMS with my first whole30

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Thanks to all that responded.

Robin - yes my offroading pretty much lands me into sugar. :o Tiny bits of dairy (that I really should stay away from) and some gluten (freshly made cheese danish anyone?). So this leads me to believe that some sugar can and will happen but copius amounts can only be consumed sparingly..... Good to know. I hadn't thought that the sugar was that bad. I was busy pointing fingers at everything else. We shall see how it goes next month.....

I am also looking on cutting back on my coffee consumption - not that I drink a lot, but I am addicted to my one cup every morning.... Going to see if this helps as well. I know people around me have reported feeling much better once they laid off the coffee.



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