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Holy out of control eating!

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This morning I made the decision to have an English muffin with my eggs and tomatoes. Why? No flipping clue. They were just staring at me, I guess!

Since then, my eating has been insane all day. After 40 days of Whole30 eating, followed by about 10 days of pretty clean eating, I am shocked and amazed at the powerful insanity this muffin unleashed in me. It's like what we AAs say about alcohol - cunning, baffling, powerful.

How wonderful that tomorrow is a brand new day! My plan:

~wake up and have my favorite breakfast - sweet potato fritters with softly fried eggs

~ beach run with my dog

~head to an AA meeting and ask my HP to keep me safe from drink, drug & sugar

~head over to Trader Joe's and stock up on some good eats

~create space in my kitchen for my stuff - it's time to segregate my good food from my husband's and kids' crap

~make my very most favorite W30 recipe - http://everydaypaleo.com/caribbean-seafood-stew/

~meet with a sponsee

~take my daughter to swim at our friend's hotel

~go to my home group meeting

~early to bed, hopefully full of the calm and serenity that I felt during the final days of my W30.

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I love your plan and I'd love to hear about your sweet potato fritters. I've been looking for something to eat with soft eggs.

The seafood stew also looks amazing! Looks like you may have planned part of my weekend.

Mysterious ways that things work!

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I'm learning that the sense of "I can control this. It will be only one little bite and then I will stop." is complete BS in my world when it comes to sugar. When that thought comes into my head, I think of how many binge-recovery cycles have followed. And then it's easier to call my own bluff.

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Horrible night - stomach cramps kept me up half the night. I woke up feeling swollen, cranky, and DETERMINED to steer clear of gluten from now on. Blehhhh. This is a learning experience, right?

Now you know how lousy you can feel!!!

Time to really look at why one English muffin would unleash " out of control eating". Yes there are physiological factors involved but i believe for myself it goes deeper.....I'm not saying go down the gluten road, but you should try to somehow get to the point where your relationship with food would allow you to eat just one slice of " grandmas special pie" and not binge the rest of the day until you are sick....

I eat compliant most of the time... Rice, oats, a touch of dairy, this or that .... But I make sure to follow the template every meal and only go off plan when I really want to.... No guilt,no reward,no punishment....

I know for me..... I used to punish myself in the past.... Eat one thing off my diet plan and I'm bad and need to punish myself by eating crap for three days strait " hey I already blew it, right? Why not go for broke"...

Now... Every meal weather 100% compliant ingredients or not will,still follow the template ( I eat rice.... No sweet potato) and live with it.... I would do the same with bread/ cake / pizza..... I'd still make sure to follow template and have protein , heaps of veg, some good fat and enjoy with no guilt

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I made a seafood stew thanks to your plan for success! I hope it went as well for you as it did at my house.

I used cod with mussels, shrimp, clams, scallops, squid, and octopus. I also used coconut milk, onion, garlic, lemongrass, crushed tomatos, mushrooms, and fresno peppers. We'll definitely be having it again and looking to add more veggies. The obvious candidate is spinach, but I'll be looking for others to all, as well.

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My biggest problem is once I go off plan, my mind set is "well you already went off plan, who cares of you eat that." Basically it's hard to pick myself back up. WHAT DO PEOPLE DO TO LIVE A NORMAL LIFE WITH SOME OFF PLAN THINGS BUT NOT GOING OUT OF CONTROL???????????????????????????????????????

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