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Crystal Austin

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We ALL have abdominals--heck, I have a washboard set, but I need to do the laundry (heh).

The beauty thing i learned to be the most effective is simple--eat, when you are hungry and enough. In the right ratios. See the W30 meal planning template. Stop when you are full.

If you're still gaining, then cut down on the fats and add more leafy greens. Volumetrics is key and there is TONNES of information out there.

Good luck!

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When I was training for a triathlon while doing a Whole30, I would have 1/2 a sweet potato immediately after a long workout. It was just enough to replenish carbs, but not enough to fill you up. I followed Nomnompaleo's technique to cook up a bunch of sweet potatoes once a week, and had them ready to heat up quickly after each training session. Later on, after I showered and got ready for work I would eat a small breakfast following the whole-30 template.

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