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I am beating PCOS!


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Hi Gals. I'm 45 and have been battling PCOS for a bit over a year now. I have gone through the bloated stomach that makes me look 8 months pregnant, my beautiful hair went to crud, my skin was horrid (blotches, dark patches everywhere). Tired all the time. I gained over 40 pounds in 1 year. The worst part of it is having a period NON-STOP since June of last year, heavy/light/heavy/light. I had no idea what was wrong with me until I got diagnosed with PCOS. And being diagnosed took at least a few months after seeing 3 different doctors. I went on Metphormin for a few months but found only a little relief and it helped my weight loss zero! Which is the key to curing PCOS. A girlfriend of mine turned me on to Whole30. I of course was skeptical until I read the book which was very well written I must say. The first 14 days were hard but I started to see drastic changes with my PCOS conditions. My horrible bloating began to dissipate, my bleeding began to spot less and less, until about day 12 I had 4 days of severe cramping, clotting every 15 minutes like never before, but I made it through and after that the next 6 days I had ZERO bleeding for the first time in 10 months! Than another week went by of weight loss and spotting began again. Another 3 days of massive clotting and cramps that felt like I was going to give birth. But again I made it through because I knew something was happening and things were shifting within my female body parts. So tomorrow is my Day 30 and I feel 100% better, 18 pounds of weight loss today on day 29 and my PCOS symptoms are continuing to subside. I am definitely continuing past day 30 in the hopes of my PCOS disappearing all together. Wish me luck! :)

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Well done! That is absolutely fantastic. I am going to send that post to my daughter. She's 27 and has PCOS. I've tried to persuade her to try a W30 or at least read the book and see what she thinks. She's currently in a particularly stressful situation at Uni. A 40,000 word piece of original research with original computer programming due in mid-April. She's agreed to read the book once that's finished. I'm going to send it to her with that post printed out to encourage her. Thankyou for posting it.

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Good for you!!!!! I love seeing tons of success come from people!!!

Hope you are doing absolutely amazing!!!!!! W30 WORKS-- if we could get even half the people we talk to about it to even try it... W30 could change the WORLD lol

Keep going and congrats on your amazing success!!!

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