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kb0426 Whole30 Round 2


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I mentioned in my post whole30 log that I would be starting today on my second full whole30, and figured the best way to keep myself accountable was to log on and say that, yes indeed, it is GAME ON! I am actually going to do a whole40 this time around.

I did my first whole30 during September and October of last year and adored the energy and the best sleep of my life! I maintained paleo, but recently realized that I can't even claim to be x% compliant with paleo. The amount of cheese I had in my refrigerator was a dead give away!

I anticipate some things will be easier this time. I never went back to cream in my coffee, and had continued with coconut milk. I didn't slip back into sweet filled breakfasts, so I won't have any issues like I did the first time around. I will certainly miss my red wine, but won't miss the hot flashes. All that cheese was tasty while I ate it, but my skin has paid the price. I am looking forward to clearing up my dairy acne!

My biggest challenge is that my foot is still healing from ligament surgery and a toe reconstruction. It is uncomfortable to stand on it for long periods, so there won't be any big weekend cook off. I purchased simple, quick to prepare proteins today. I will manage to make chocolate chili tomorrow and will cook some chicken thighs too, but otherwise this is going to be all about keeping it simple.

m1 - grassfed beef burger topped with homemade mayo and a fried egg, an orange, and decaf with cm.

Don't judge - I had to go grocery shopping and it was either the orange or nothing!

m2 - deli roast beef (my co-op makes a compliant one), homemade mayo wrapped in lettuce, kale chips and 2 Bubbies dill pickles. Oh, and a banana.

m3 - chicken wings that I will make with Johnny the mod's recipe, except I am experimenting and trying ghee to replace the butter in the sauce. Also, no blue cheese dip. Sigh. Baked plantain chips and guacamole for dipping on the side. http://www.eatingforidiots.com/crispy-oven-baked-chicken-wings/

A picture perfect day 1? Nope, but did I start? Yep!

I guess I should declare some goals. As I have said here many times, a whole30 without goals is like heading on a destination armed with a map but no end address!

1. Get through it!

2. I am back at the gym after a long hiatus. I would like to replace some mushiness with some awesomeness :). This is just a reminder to me that the scale won't be a measure of success for me, because when I add more muscle and replace fat, it CAN'T be measured on a traditional scale. Going on vacation in May and I want to look fab-u-lous, and not worry that anything is jiggling that shouldn't be. :blink:

3. Get back to a full 9 hours of sleep each night.

4. Continue to heal this foot of mine. Yes, I believe the food I eat will help me heal faster. You have no idea how many pairs of stilettos are sobbing in my closet right now.

Again, no judging. I know this list may seem superficial, but that is about all of the depth I care to go into on the internet. At least for tonight!

Seriously, though, last September before I started my whole30, I was a food logging, calorie deprived, sugar obsessed 6 meal a day eater and had a horrific relationship with food. My first whole30 helped to resolve those issues, and this round truly is about resetting and getting back the tiger's blood.

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i'm just glad to hear no one is perfect..i am on day 6 of my first whole 30 and moving right along.....i am always wondering if i am eating the right things and the right amounts....hope this 40 goes well for you

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Hey kb0426,

nice to see you around again (that was probably rather because of me staying out of the forum ;) I just started my second one as well.

Same as you, I have managed to stick with a fair share of the paleo guidelines after finishing, but old habits crept back too soon and I figured I was far from done yet. Here we go again, Project Phoenix continued.

So, good decision on your side, too, and I'm sure your foot will heal faster! All the best to you!

(And I finally have to try the chocolate chili!)

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Day #2

m1 - uncured country style sausage (think kielbasa) with Annie's organic mustard, 2 eggs scrambled with spinach, Bubbies sauerkraut and grape tomatoes on the side (as in not mixed with the eggs. That would be gross. :blink: ) Decaf with whipped coconut cream and cinnamon on the side. I am full, and comfortably so!

m2 - deli roast beast [sic] :P and massaged kale caesar salad. I used this recipe for the salad dressing. I used a compliant mustard (dijon has wine it). Trilogy kombucha for a change of pace from water.


(The caesar is about half way down on the page and YES I used the anchovies!)


I have my chocolate chili burbling on the stove and roasted the chicken thighs which should help some with meal planning this week.

I also have Chinese five spice pork ribs in the crock pot for dinner...so the plan is...

m3 - Aforementioned ribs, caesar salad (with just regular ol' organic lettuce and some grape tomatoes) and baked plantain chips with guacamole. Edited to add I had the kale again! I just HAD to!

I wore myself out from cooking (and a trip to the gym this morning) so no housecleaning for me today! ;) Speaking of the gym...ouch. But in a very good way. I am not doing any intense workouts, so have yet to explore the post workout meal idea, but will keep it in mind if I feel like I am not making any progress or if I am feeling hungrier.

Have a great rest of your Sunday!

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Happy Monday! :angry: (I am not a fan...)

Day 3:

m1 - uncured country style sausage, 2 eggs fried, sauerkraut, 1/2 avocado and coffee with coconut cream

m2 - kale caesar salad, 2 chicken thighs and an orange

m3 - chocolate chili, spinach, fried egg...unless, of course, I stop by the store for more kale! :wub:

More later!

Tata for now!

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It seems like there are a few of us back for a second round right now. I also did my first W30 in October last year, and have stayed quite Paleo since. Doing a second round of W30 might therefore be a lot easier, but perhaps it will not be as life-changing as the first one was?

Sorry to hear about your foot. Hope you recover quickly!

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Did I stop for kale?

What did you think?

Oh, yeah, baby!

m3 ended up being chocolate chili over 1/2 roasted sweet potato topped with a lovely runny fried egg, with kale caesar on the side.

I am really proud of myself! One of the things I struggled to do in my first w30 was eating enough vegetables. I am already feeling better about how much I am consuming this time around. Mind you, I tend to eat something I love until I burn out on it...so I am going to stay on this kale train for as long as I can!

Have a great night!

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M1 - egg salad with 3 HB eggs, lots of homemade mayo and a smidgen of mustard, and kale salad on the side. Coffee with whipped coconut cream, forevermore to be known as coffee w/ WCC. Assume decaf unless otherwise indicated. I also had a banana. Leg cramps started last night, so I need a bit more sodium and will enjoy my potassium in my banana!

I am tired today; I think it is far more work related stress than food related! I already feel like I am sleeping better; I just want more of it!

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m2 - lunch out today. I had a tuna nicoise salad, minus any potatoes, so the plate had green leaf lettuce, seared tuna (claimed to be cooked in olive oil), green beans, olives, grape tomatoes and hard boiled egg. I covered it in olive oil and red wine vinegar.

I don't think I had enough protein or fat OR maybe it is that today is Kill All the Things day. I just ate a closed handful of almonds that I raided from a coworker's cube. I had to get passed all of the crackers, granola bars, and other misc. *&^% but I did it!

Off to the gym; my m3 will depend on how ambitious I am when I get home!

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m3 - clearly not ambitious.

Leftover chinese five spice pork spareribs, 2 Bubbies dill pickles and more kale salad. I did add some olives to my kale. That will have to count as "ambitious".

Juggling this work, then gym, then eating, then getting to bed at a reasonable hour is going to be a challenge!

ETA - I also just had a hard boiled egg and a banana with almond butter. No regrets, just hunger!

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Day 5:

I slept pretty well last night! :)

m1 - uncured country sausage, one HB egg, loads of sauerkraut and a big handful of grape tomatoes, along with a decaf w/ WCC. I am still stuffed, 3 hours later.

m2 - 1/4 roasted sweet potato, chocolate chili, 1/2 1 whole avocado and kale salad.

m3 - lamb chops, brussels sprouts (hmmmm or maybe asparagus?) and more roasted sweet potato. I will have to see if I am feeling more brussels sprout-y or asparagus-y later and decide! ^_^

Happy Hump Day!

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I felt brussels sprout-y :)

Apparently also hungry! When I got home from work, I had 20 (yes I counted) pistachios. Just how does one know when one has a handful of pistachios when the darned shell is in the way?

Sigh, no kale salad on the menu tonight, but I did make some up and I have ready for lunch tomorrow!

I think I am making this my whole40 kale every day challenge :wub: .


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Day 6:

So, I had a previously scheduled team meeting this morning, out at a restaurant. Hindsight? I should have eaten at home :(. I ended up with scrambled eggs and a fruit cup. After eating it dawned on me that they may have mixed milk in with their eggs. Sigh. I will be okay, as I already was planning a whole40, so the days will be tacked on to the end.

m1: eggs, scrambled, mixed fruit

m2: deli roast beef, HB egg, olives, grape tomatoes, kale salad and an orange. I forgot my mayonnaise at home. :angry:

m3: hamburger patty with mayo, kale salad, avocado, 1/2 roasted sweet potato

I really would have loved pancakes for breakfast. :ph34r:

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m3 got changed slightly...

grass fed beef patty topped with mayo, lettuce and a fried egg, dill pickles on the side, salad of more lettuce, olives, tomatoes, avocado and caesar dressing.

I ate the sweet potatoes too!

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Day 7:

I would love to declare a fabulous night's sleep, but I woke up at 3 and laid awake for a good half hour. Stupid brain wouldn't shut off.

m1: Sauerkraut, banana, uncure country sausage, decaf w/ WCC

m2: same as yesterday but I remembered the mayo

I just got invited out to lunch, so it looks like an Ahi Tuna Nicoise salad again!

m3: Paleo Pad Thai from Well Fed (I may end up eating my lunch for dinner. Will see how lazy I am after work!)

I am feeling good (not great yet) and my skin is improving. I do have a few of rough patches, more like itchy irritated spots on my face that come and go.

Going to the gym has been good for me, but I don't love how late I then get home, then eat, then go to bed. I really am not working out that hard; I am lifting weights but nothing strenuous. I have not noticed in increase in my hunger as a result either.

Have a great Good Friday!

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Okay, definitely feeling lazy, and dinner will be the lunch that I did not eat earlier!

I had my stitches removed today. The pin has to remain in my toe for 3 more weeks. Grrrr. :angry:

I will spare you the picture of my gnarly foot, but I do think this picture of the x-ray is pretty cool. This is what a toe reconstruction looks like!


Maybe I should have warned the faint of heart to look away?

My mobility is still mediocre: I think I am just plain scared of that pin in there getting damaged.

Despite that, I am looking forward to making some tasty food this weekend, including Johnny's meatloaf!

Anyways, that is all to report for now. Have a great evening!

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Day 8 and Happy Saturday!

I started the day with a delicious regular coffee w/ coconut milk.

I headed to the gym and worked out. Go me :).

m1: 1/3 lb grass fed beef burger topped with mayo and a fried egg. Decaf with coconut milk. And this controversial little number:


You may look at these and call them SWYPO and I look at them and call them a different way to get my veggies. IMHO, they are not SWYPO because I am not trying to recreate anything missing from my former food life. Plus, they turned out to be FREAKING awesome!

This is going to be a two meal day since I got such a late start today. Was awake in the middle of the night listening to hard rain, thunder and lightning as well as the chirp from my downstair's smoke detector telling me the battery needed replacing.

Not sure what I will have for m2...it depends on the deliciousness I locate at the co-op. Kale salad needs to be on the menu though!

Enjoy your day!

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I did end up with a teeny tiny m2 this afternoon. I won't call it a snack :).

m2: zucchini sweet potato latke, 2 slices deli roast beef, mayo

m3: baked plantains, guacamole for dipping, steamed shrimp, Frank's red hot sauce mayo for dipping those, and kale salad. :wub:

This was a delicious dinner!

Is it bad that I am already looking forward to m1 tomorrow? I am making Nadia's Fishermans Breakfast!

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Derval and Shelley - thank you for asking and answering! I had not even considered this, but it is a great idea! I can tell you that when I made them yesterday, I was able to put half of the mix in the refrigerator uncooked, and then cooked them up today. That worked beautifully.

Day 9:

Hoppy Easter ;)

Started the day with regular coffee and coconut milk. While I still drink mostly decaf, I have to tell you that I do feel like I give more to my workout when I have had a regular cup.

Workout again!

m1: Nadia's fisherman's breakfast, with instructions found in this post:


Holy sardines! They were so good, and I am sad that I only had one tin in the house! Really easy, and really good.

I also had two sweet potato zucchini latkes, and decaf w/ WCC.

m2: planning deviled eggs, another latke and kale salad, plus an orange I was not hungry enough, but did have 2 HB eggs to hold me over until m3, aaaaaaannnnd then had a small handful of walnuts. Hurry up meatloaf!

m3: planning Johnny's meatloaf (found here http://www.eatingfor...style-meatloaf/), mashed cauliflower and roasted asparagus.

The meatloaf should help with quick lunches and dinners this week, and I am planning on making them in muffin tins. Nothing like cold meatloaf with a slathering of homemade mayo!

Okay, the Sunday cookup plans:

Aforementioned meatloaf

chicken thighs

hardboiled eggs

whipped coconut milk

homemade mayo

homemade caesar dressing (for my kale salad)

I may (or obviously may not ;) ) also cook up grass fed burgers so I just have to reheat(apparently you have to remember to buy them in order to cook them. :wacko:

Uncured country sausage

That should set me up nicely for the week!

I also need to clean; this place is a stye. I think between the caffeine and the workout I have the energy to get this all done today!

Have a joyous Sunday, and if you are celebrating, a Happy Easter.

and PLEASE - make those sardines soon!! :wub:

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