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Audrey's whole30! Seriously.


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Start. Stop. Start. Stop.

It's time. I am ready. Not prepared foodwise but mentally ready. I dud make mayo ghe other day and have some good ingredient foods stocked. I will eat within the rules for atleast 30 days. In my mind I may tell myself it's for 49 days - Mother's Day. I did 44 in January and was feeling terrific! And when I hit 30 everything after will be bonus. However, I probably need 100 to kick the sugar habit. Yikes!

I will kick up my exercise a bit as well. 3-4 times per week, even if its 15 min in the basement doing weights. I will try new recipes and always have food prepped (after today:))

I did buy wellfed, and made my first web order through tropical traditions for coc flakes and oil. So I am branching out little by little, sweet.

I will check out better meats at a local butcher shop as well.

Good luck to everyone on their journeys!

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Thank you;)!!

I may just turn into a chicken today but have been satisfied. 2 eggs fried with mayo. Kinda gross but yeah for me for getting my fat:)! Few grapes.

Lunch - egg salad with mayo HB eggs, tomatoes. Carrots, roasted cauliflower and cantaloupe.

Very tired today. And nonmotivated to get stuff done. At work and I just want to sleep. No carb flu but from being sugared out and not enough sleep. Can't wait for 5! I think ill hit the store for a big steak and sweet potato for dinner tonight. Yum! And of course I will be making my avo dressing. Db. Yum.

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Well I made the dressing but settled for a hamburger patty with avo dressing, onions, grape tomatoes and a few grapes, carrots. Had a few plantain chips later (like 3:)). And am off to bed! I did a whole day, woohoo!!!!!!

29 more to go!

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Today has been a super good eating day!

Got a lot of sleep and felt pretty good all day.

Started with 2 eggs, butternut squash, collard greens/grape tomatoes/avo dressing.

Lunch was tuna with mayo and avo, collard gr/Tom/avo dress, butternut squash and some grapes/strawberries

Stopped by a butcher shop on way home and bought 2 yummy filets, and fresh eggs. I stepped out of the box and am excited to see the difference. They carried deli meat but normal stuff with added ingredients. Expensive but next time maybe research different meats and not be so high maintenance. Oh, they threw in ground beef for me too!

I got wellfed today - haven't looked through it yet but it was smaller than anticipated. Look forward to trying new things. Hopefully ill find a few favorites!!!

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