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Cooking with u/s Pomegranate Juice...did I just break the rules??


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Okay, so I made an absolutely delicious beef stew overnight for my husband and I for lunch today: http://glutenfreegod...nate-sauce.html

I modified it by taking out the maple syrup, thinking it was fine since we are sometimes allowed stuff that is fruit juice sweetened...but I am suddenly doubting myself. PLEASE tell me I did not mess this up for us! We're on day 12 and doing so well, it would be really devastating, as we've been totally compliant and feeling great.


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I think you are fine. That is 1/4 cup juice or less per person which I think is acceptable as a recipe ingredient. The recipe sounds good. Could you taste the pomegranate?

You can taste the tartness of the pom and the cranberries...it is a heavenly recipe! I made it before Whole30 with the maple syrup, and it doesn't taste any different, to me. I guess it just tasted so sweet, I was worried I had messed up!

Thanks Susan!


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