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Whole 6 mini log


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I am doing a mini Whole 6 this week so that I can fully enjoy easter with my family on Sunday. I plan on starting a Whole 30 on Monday, April 1. I think this will be good because I can get myself in the routine this week and prep some W30 foods (homemade salsa, paleo mayo, etc.)

I am already kicking myself for not taking a picture of my breakfast to post on the log.

Day 1, meal 1 (no picture)

3 eggs with mushrooms, tomato, cilantro, and leeks with half an avocado and cardamon cinnamon tea.

I am in a step challenge at work so some ladies from my office and I walk about 20 minutes, twice a day plus I plan on going to yoga tonight. I am also in a weigh and win challenge, so I get paid quarterly for weight lost. I like that this won't require me to weigh while on the W30. I am planning on having my hubs hide the scale.

I did forget to take my vitamins this morning. I need to get bottles to keep in my dest at work.

So, 2 things to remember tomorrow:

1. pictures of meals and

2. take my vitamins!

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