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I am new to whole 30 and read the book and feel strongly that this way of eating can help with my inconsistent thyroid issues, energy loss, severe dizziness and hormone imbalance. I have

not started it yet because in the past I have dabled with the paleo diet but was severly dizzy for three weeks and decided to stop the diet. Wasn't sure if it was my lack of gluten carbs or my body detoxing severely.

I want to start the whoel 30 and was wondering if anyone has had positive reactions with this diet and their thyroid, hormones and mental clarity?

I am hoping to one day go to a natural thyroid hormone medciation or even done at all.

Any help on supplementation and food choices would be greatly appreciated.

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Absolutely! It has worked wonders for me and my run away emotions. Here is a link to a reintro post that I commeneted on about how sugar effects me ... http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/7568-sugar-omg/

My sister has been eating paleo & she has hypothyroid issues; it has helped with her as well. If you start a W30 be sure to keep a log! It is most helpful :) That and following the meal template! Good Luck!

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I'm hypothyroid too and I found that on W30 I did get quite dizzy if I didn't maintain an intake of starchy vegetables. As soon as I introduced sweet potatoes on a daily or near-daily basis the problem went away. Now, I'm not currently on a W30 but still eating this way much of the time, and my body seems to have gotten used to it so I can get away with not eating them as often. But I certainly recommend it for your first time around.

On my meds my dose is low to begin with but my T3 level, which is unaffected by my levo, came back in the middle of the reference range for the first time since they've been tracking it (usually it's below). I also have lost about 8 lbs since August (which on a 5'2 woman is a lot) and kept it off, which of course is basically miraculous for someone with thyroid issues.

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I am hypothyroid as well and haven't noticed the dizziness issues.  I have lost 7.5 lbs in the first 14 days and consider that a miracle since I've been trying to lose the same weight for the past 6 months.  Sugar is my demon and am convinced it has kept me in my upper weight range.  (that and my love for everything baked).


Nervous to end my Whole 30 journey, looking forward to the next 16 days.

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