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I searched the forum and didn't see anything like this (just blog links in members' signatures and sometimes in the Whole30 Logs or success stories threads). Thought it would be fun for those who have blogs to post them here so we can follow each other, etc. (And the thread can just continue on as new forum members join...)

I'm at http://theoptimalk.wordpress.com


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This is a great idea. While I have only just started blogging, more for accountability, I really enjoy it. Still learning the ropes of converting old favourites to Whole30 approved recipes so you won't a lot of recipes on my blog (even though I have a tab set up for them in the future) I am, however, trying to be as brutally, tongue-in-cheek, honest about my Whole30 experience as possible.


Now I have to go scope out the blogs that are mentioned above me :)

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I have transitioned from what I called my "fatass blog" and a Weight Watchers focus (lost 55 pounds) to my Whole30 experience and foods. A couple of friends not on W30 are wondering what I eat and if it tastes worthwhile. So far so good!


I'm glad I found this topic. I'll be reading along. I learn a lot from others' experiences!

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How fun! My blog started out as an eczema/low histamine diet one (attempt to help my eczema - didn't work) and I've started talking about the Whole 30.

There will still be a focus on eczema but it's just as much about eats as well, and I'm looking forward to documenting my paleo journey too.


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