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Hello there from New Zealand. :)

I have a blog that looks at life through my Paleo eyes. It's mostly food related - funny that!
I'm no flash cook but just wading through piles of collected recipes and finding the good ones that fit my Whole9 eating and are keepers.
Most of the recipes on the site are Whole30 compliant.

Come on in and have a look around. I'm also on Facebook and Twitter. I've just started the Facebook page this week as I want to post all the Paleo links and stories over there. There'll be several a day. So please hit me with a 'like'!


Thanks for taking a look around.

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Hi All – just finishing up my first Whole30 – Day 28!

My blog is about life in Seoul, South Korea with our family of six…and SO MUCH MORE!

I've documented each day of my Whole 30 journey – the good, the bad & the UGLY! And there were a couple of UGLY, like day 6 - http://sixinseoul.weebly.com/11/post/2013/05/day-6-the-i-dont-like-anything-or-anyone-anymore-day.html

But the good news is there were more good days and now that I am on day 28 I don't feel the need to beat up teenagers for their cookies anymore.  )  In fact they can now sit in the same room with me and eat them. 

Happy Whole 30ing! 




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I've been wheat and sugar free since September 2012 and I'm starting my first Whole30 July 1st to tighten up on some other things that have been a problem-- dairy and artificial sweeteners (one needs to be controlled, the other eliminated, at least that's what I believe at the moment, but who knows, I could have some kind of glorious revelation and skip off into a bliss driven dairy free sunrise riding a unicorn. Anything is possible.) I've lost 63 pounds so far but that's the thin edge of the wedge so don't be too impressed.


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This is GREAT! I have been picking up blogs as I go on the forums, but I love, love, love having everyone post theirs in one place!


My name is Christina and I'm just an ex-pat American girl living in Britain with a new hubby & 4 inherited children; trying to become a domestic diva, super scrimper & whole food health nut (not sure how I'm doing on any of those!).


I started off blogging about my journey a year ago, but couldn't keep it up... When I started my 4th attempt at W30 this month (started June 1) I decided that I'm more of a poster (facebook) than a blogger and restarted my fb page.  I'm finding that I am doing much better sticking to the W30 as I'm sharing what I'm doing with other people.  I'm also doing a daily tips & tricks / motivational type post regarding the W30.  I've found that doing that makes me feel like I'd let people down if I quit, so I keep going!!  (sadly, I'm very externally motivated!).  Please give me some support so I keep going (!) and "Like" my page here:



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