Starting on July 1!


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Hi everyone,

I'm Amy, and this is my first Whole30 attempt. I start on July 1 with a few friends from my CrossFit gym.

I am already mostly paleo, but have some self control issues when it comes to things like ice cream and pizza. Basically, I already know what to do; I just don't do it. I don't have any food allergies, so slipping on my eating plan doesn't result in disaster for me. However, I know I can do better and feel better. Sometimes I just inexplicably succumb to the "carb crazies." It's not pretty.

My goals:

1. Have better and more consistent energy.

2. Sleep more soundly.

3. Get stronger in my CrossFit workouts. I want that pullup!

4. Resolve some lingering inflammation issues/pain that shows up more often than it should.

5. Stop having all social interactions revolve around food and/or adult beverages.

I don't have any weight loss goals. My roommate is mostly paleo as well, and we both enjoy cooking, so that should be helpful. My birthday falls during my Whole30, so that will be extra challenging for me! Another challenge is that the man I am dating is pretty oblivious to this stuff and eats a lot of junk. I am hoping to just be a good example and not freak out when he eats Pop Tarts.

Cheers, and looking forward to changing my life!

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Hi there Amy!

Just remember, it's not your first "attempt". It's your first W30. You CAN do it. There are lots of great people here who will help and a lot of great logs and old posts by people who have done it. I'm on day 6 now. It's great.

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Just watched it! Excellent. I'll have to see if my gym has similar bands. My goal, since I just turned forty, is to do 40 push ups (almost there) and the same pull ups. When I bring the kids to the park I try to do pull ups on the park equipment, but I can pull up maybe an inch then I stop. Thanks for the link.

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My family is starting on July 1 too! Your goals are awesome—especially not have all social interactions revolve around food! A close friend and I have started walking together instead of going to meals. We don't walk fast and we still get lots of chatting in! And there isn't food stress on either of our parts!

As for the pull-up: you can do it! I bought one of the pull-up bars that fit in a doorway and did a "negative" (jumped up to my chin over the bar, then held and lowered myself s.l.o.w.l.y) every time I walked past it. I now have one dead hang and multiple pullups with some kips. :D You can do it!

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