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Recovering from food poisoning

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So I off-roaded pretty drastically after my Whole30 with a big night of sushi. I hadn't eaten any rice soy or raw fish for the previous thirty days, and the next day it felt like I had the flu.

Unfortunately this led to more offroading. I couldn't eat solid food for 4 meals, so I drank a Gatorade-like sugary sports drink for sustenance (childhood habit - not sure if there's something better). Also, in keeping with the BRAT diet, my first solid meal consisted of saltines rice and chicken. Needless to say, I woke up this morning feeling like day 1.

Any tips on recovering from food poisoning / the flu / a bad carb hangover while staying compliant? Really want to get back on track.


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Ooof. I am sorry to hear that. This happened to me shortly after my first Whole30 too (rancid mushrooms!), and I probably would have gone right for the saltines if I had enough energy to get out of the house.

Salty bone broth (preferably homemade) was a godsend to me while getting my stomach back on track and helped with the electrolyte depletion. In place of the sugary sports drink junk, you could try (a no-sugar-added) coconut water, which has some of the same benefits as a Gatorade without all of the added crap. I also made a kind of "gingerale," which was just plain seltzer water with lemon + lime slices and lots of fresh, grated ginger.

The only thing that was palatable to me during my 3-4 days of recovery were mashed sweet potatoes in bone broth and bananas. I'd say do the best you can with compliant foods and get yourself back on track with the meal template once you're feeling like yourself again.

Get well soon!

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