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Slipperystar's W30+++ Journal


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Hi All

On day 8 now, will most likely make this a 60 or 90 day. Loving it so far! Up to day 4 or 5 I was having some kind of hard detox, headaches in the morning and not much energy, but starting a couple days ago that changed and how I am bounding. I probably made the mistake of having too much fruit in the beginning, though it was only a few pieces a day. I have been happy with a half cup of raspberries in some coconut milk for my 'dessert' every evening.

I have been totally compliant except for I may have had some eggs a couple times that were fried in some soybean oil. Other than that I have been very good and on program.

Will be interested to see the scale at the end of 30. I have about 80 pounds to lose to get at my goal weight, and am encouraged that I am heading in the right direction with my new eating lifestyle. Clothes fit much better now already, and my exercise energy is through the roof. I'll try to stop in here every day or so to record my progress and feelings.

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Day 15!

So far so good. I surprised myself last weekend by finally being able to run a full 5K again....for a long time I have not had the muscle strength or fortitude to do it. I think getting my system cleaned out the last couple weeks has turned that around. I'm feeling so darned energetic!

I also re-signed at the gym, got a couple good weight sessions in. Sore but feeling very 'circulated'. Using the Fitness Buddy App on iPhone, great product if you have not seen it before.

Clothes fitting much looser, can't wait to see what I have lost at the end of the W30.

The first week the only thing I was messing up on was having some food that was cooked with soy oil - no control over it, but now I am preparing much better so haven't had that issue.

After week one I gave up on the sweet potatoes, they were a nice way to segue in but too starchy for my own good. I'm still keeping the pumpkin/squash in, have a serving of it with lunch and dinner.

Also, in the last week my 1-2 servings of fruit were going up to 3-5, haha. I think with all the cardio I have been doing I have been gravitating to it. So for the last two weeks of the W30 I am going to stop fruit entirely, or at least see how I can do without it and still keep up my exercise. If I notice I am suffering in my runs I will bring a serving or so back a day. But I could see how I was starting to use the fruit for my sweet fix and I want to get away from that a bit.

Then again, if having a couple of servings of fruit is the worse thing I've done to myself in the last couple of weeks I should be pretty happy with myself, LOL!

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Day 16

No fruit regime starting off well. After my run last night I was craving my fruit (sugar), so obviously I was starting to have a problem with that. Had a gret steak and broccoli dinner instead and that satisfied. Already this morning am getting that familiar keto breath.

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