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So day one...

Veggie scramble (3 eggs from my own chickens, mushrooms and broccoli)

Roasted veg frittata with home made smoked paprika Mayonaise

Chicken 'fajitas', with home made guacamole and using gem lettuce for wraps. An apple.

Egg heavy today as I couldn't go food shopping until this afternoon! I am tired, but it is because of insomnia rather than diet. Feeling satiated, loving the portion size advice from the Whole30 ebook, which is working perfectly thus far!

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The chickens are very cool, eggs are so much better even than from the farmer's market.

Anyway, today's log.

Huevos rancheros and a handful of strawberries (which is 5 for me, I have small hands!)

Bacon (no sugar etc) and avocado salad, dressed with lots of lime juice.

Meatballs in tomato and veggie sauce.

I was hungry yesterday evening, but it was right before I went to sleep so I ignored it.

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I was starving this morning and the last two afternoons I have really wanted a snack. I had a black coffee which seemed to stop me going after biscuits!

Veggie scramble, 2 eggs, broccoli and mushrooms.

Pulled chicken and salad

Thai green curry. Pork with stacks of veggies.

Apple at some point.

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