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Hello all!

Name: Christiaan

Nickname: Stubz

Sex: Male

Age: 26

City: Bristol, England

Activities: Lau Gar Kung Fu; CrossFit; Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu; Wrestling

Interests: Nutrition; Training; Travel; Languages; Films; Media; Reading;

So now you know a little bit about me. Tell me a little bit about yourself. :D

FMT90 what does it mean?

[F]ollow [M]e [T]o 90!

So a little earlier on in the year I started a Whole30/45/60...(at the start I didn't know how long I was going to do) in the end I ended up doing Whole60!! Boy was it fun, lol. Anywho, I started my challenge at the beginning of the year and continued it even when I went on holiday for three weeks to Australia and New Zealand.

On my previous journey (the W60) I lost a total of 49pounds, or 3.5 stone, or 22.22kg. However you want to look at that. I also lost a total of 7 inches around my waist.

There is still more to get rid of though so I shall be starting my W90! Today is my Day 0, and so it begins tomorrow. (*an aside* do you like how colourful and engaging my post is so far? Lol)

Why am I going for W90? Well for any of you that follow Whole9 and/or Whole30 on facebook may have seen this;

#Whole30: "Psychology research tells is that the average amount of time necessary to reach 'maximum automacity' (a habit) is 66 days. But when you are trying to develop a healthy habit, it's likely it will take 80 days for it to become automatic. The more complex the habit, the longer it takes to form." - David DiSalvo

Consistency is key. Don't short-change your Whole30 by wondering why "It's been 21 days and it's just not working." Understand that the Whole30 is just the first step towards changing your life. Believe that you can do it.

So there you have it. Well almost. Basically the W60 worked wonders for me, except since finishing on March 6th and weighing in on March 7th I have started slowly to slip back in to my old habits. :( which is where W90 comes in. I figure if it takes 80 days to form a healthy automatic habit why not complete 90 days?!?! You catch my drift?

So later on this afternoon I will be filling out my Whole30 Self Evaluation | Goal Setting form. On my previous journey I didn't do that part so well. This time round I am really going to sort myself out. I will post it all on here though. I will scan it in, or take a photo or something.

I think for my first post that'll be enough. I don't want to loose any of you through boredom.

So we start from - as in latin - ZERUM - onwards and upwards. I'm going to make some more life changes.


(latin for change)

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